LHSG’s Seva Sun Continues To Shine!

What can one give to someone who has very little or nothing? The answer is plenty. You can give them so much …… food, clothing, shelter, money…… But what could you give them that would never finish, always be there, give them good health, heal them when sick, and heal their loved ones and friends too? The only thing that meets these criteria … You guessed right is … empowering them with healing energy!

This then is the mission of Lotus Healing Seva Group, to share our Love and Light with the poor, the poorer and the poorest in our society. On 22nd July, the children of Pamela’s Paradise in the Kibera slums of Nairobi were the recipients of this sharing. Forty seven children between the ages of 3 and 17 came all excited in the morning for their training in Reiki. They were accompanied by 7 equally excited adults! The event took place in a Church hall in Kibera.

After an informative introduction to Reiki by Mamta, they were attuned to Reiki Level 1, and taught how to heal themselves. This was followed by a filling lunch and then how to heal others. Finally, before leaving, they were given cakes and milk, and some throat lozenges that had been kindly donated by Beta Health Care. 

And so ended another Reiki camp for LHSG in Nairobi, Kenya. One more chance for us to do seva and bring Light and Love to people. As at the end of every seva, we enjoyed the satisfaction of giving, for which we are always grateful to the Universe. But wait! We got even more. We got to witness the sparkle in the little kids’ eyes, the joy in their smiles as they marveled at the new found energy in their hands, the earnestness with which they did Reiki on themselves and on each other….

At the end of the camp, we wondered … who had given whom? … who had enriched whom? …… For sure there were many many happy and grateful hearts that day!

The members who were privileged to do this seva were Raj, Mamta, Monica, Punita, Anuradha, Brit, Pratima, Bubbles, Shariffa and myself. this brings to 27, the number of Reiki camps we have carried out in Kenya in which 868 people have benefited.

Kamal Tolia


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3 Responses to LHSG’s Seva Sun Continues To Shine!

  1. The little ones in Kibera were so little,I was doubtful that they would be able to participate.
    To my amazement,they were receptive,co-operative,and their energy levels were high for what would normally be a long day.

    The reiki energy surprises us all. Yet another affirmation, should we need it.

  2. Raj Walia says:

    Another amazing experience, yes so correct who was giving and who was receiving!
    Sometimes we think we are giving them something to make them feel good and bring out the spirit in them, but we forget how much we receive from them.
    Some excellent memories, brings goosebumps just to think of that day!
    Love,light and laugher

  3. Monica Gokaldas says:

    It had been a great experience for me since I was able to go for such a sewa event after many months owing to lot of travelling. I once again, felt very grounded and elated at the same time. The children were not very attentive (or so it appeared) but when they started practicing I was amazed at the way reiki was flowing freely out of their hands. Though we were there to guide them, most of them knew what they had to do and what they were doing. I agree with our Guru, Kamal Tolia that the energies are extremely strong now and people are grasping reiki much faster and easier than they were a few years ago.
    In those little boys and girls were many future healers who will be a boon to our future society when they grow up. I wish them all Good Luck and their highest good to happen.

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