Seva at the Nairobi Hospice

The Kenya members of Lotus Healing Seva Group did Seva at the Nairobi Hospice on Thursday 18 July 2013. Here is the write up by Azmina Mulji, followed by input from some of the other members …..

Twelve members of the Lotus Healing Seva Group including myself lead by our founder Kamal Tolia made our way to the Nairobi Hospice at Kenyatta Hospital to give Reiki to the terminally ill patients.

 We introduced ourselves to the patients who welcomed us with applause. The patients introduced each other and described their individual ailments without a word of complaint or self-pity.

Thereafter Kamal  explained to them what Reiki was and what it could do to help them and they listened intently.  Upon being asked whether they would like to receive healing they jumped with enthusiasm, ready to receive.

Healing was given to each patient individually. I gave Reiki to a patient suffering from liver cancer. Her body was so receptive to the healing and I felt the Reiki flowing from my palms like a river. She said she felt the heat from my palms and it made her feel good.

Another patent suffering from stomach cancer told Kamal how good she felt and kept repeating not to stop.

After we completed the healing session, there was a complete change in the aura of the room and the expressions on the faces of all. There was a feeling of peace and calm and gratitude.

My lesson from this experience? I was taken aback by the manner in which these terminally ill persons had accepted and surrendered to what they are going through. I felt very humbled and hope that I be blessed with the same ability to accept and surrender.

My gratitude to God, and the wonderful patients who gave me an opportunity to do this seva. 

The Members who did this seva were: Kusum, Bubbles, Punita, Monica, Mamta, Kamal, Anuradha, Shalini, Raj, Pratima Nalina and myself.

Love and light



I admit at first I was a little nervous as I did not know in what condition the patients would be.

Just when they started introducing themselves and saying how happy they are, I thought what lovely souls knowing that death can knock on their door anytime they still say they are happy to see us.

The young girl I did the Reiki on did not speak English but had a million dollar smile. Even when I finished and guided her to a relaxing chair she smiled and said thank you. She certainly made my day, for the whole day I was in bliss picturing her smile, I should have been the one to say thank You.

I was indeed touched that the creator made it possible for us to do this Sewa.

Love, light and laughter



The visit to Nairobi Hospice was a very humbling experience. The cancer patients were a bit unsure about what we had come to do there, though they were informed we were a support group.

Once they were told about us and we all introduced ourselves, they were very willing to speak to us. They introduced themselves, greeted and welcomed us and mentioned their ailment.

They readily agreed to have Reiki conducted on them, without asking any questions. That made me feel they must be in so much pain that they are prepared to receive help in any way to ease their situation. It was very touching to know how they were handling themselves with so much of acceptance about Cancer and no one spoke in any regretful, pitiful manner.

During the Reiki session, they were all very quiet and just received the hands on individual healing coming their way. After that they rested for a bit and then when we spoke to them, they seemed very happy and relaxed. Triphona, the lady who I did Reiki for said she felt very smooth after the session.

They urged us to visit them again, more often if possible as they enjoyed the HEALING .



I am very grateful for the hospice Seva. It was a very touching experience. The patients were so open to Reiki and they looked so relaxed and happy after experiencing Reiki! They even requested us to come back again. I felt wonderful all day, even after leaving the hospice!!

Love n light! 



My gratitude to God and to my Guru for giving me an opportunity to do this SEWA.

When we went there at the hospice I was giving Reiki to Winnie, a lady in a wheel chair and she was very receptive, she felt very relaxed after I was done in spite of being paralysed waist downwards.

To my surprise I found that she was a volunteer there. Despite her disability Winnie is there every Thursday for the other patients who are suffering from Cancer. My heart became heavy and I had this “extremely humbling feeling” which made me SALUTE Winnie!

May we all learn from these little experiences.

Love and light


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  1. raj Walia says:

    How blessed we are that we have the opportunity of doing Sewa!

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