Reiki Training at the Girls Shelter ……

It is with happy hearts and much excitement that LHSG Kenya members Pratima, Shariffa, Lata, Mamta, Raj and I went to the Talia Agler Girls Shelter just outside of Nairobi on Monday 12th August. We had been invited by the manager to train the residents of the shelter in Reiki. This was a plus for us, for it is Lotus Healing Seva Group’s mission to spread the knowledge of Reiki and training in this gentle healing therapy, especially to the disadvantaged members of our society.
The shelter houses girls that have been victims of abuse, child trafficking, child labour, unaccompanied refugees, etc. They ranged in age from 12 to 18 years. They were very much looking forward to the training, because a Reiki healing session administered to them by us a few weeks earlier had resulted in huge positive changes in them emotionally, mentally and physically.
So on the morning of 12th August, 17 girls, their teacher, and the manager of the shelter listened carefully as we taught them about chakras and then lay down with excited anticipation for the Reiki attunement. Self healing followed, and a question and answer session.
They were extremely grateful to us for taking the time to introduce Reiki to them, and we in turn were grateful to them for affording us an opportunity to fulfill our mission. They were also very grateful for the sausages Monica had donated to them and the cake Lata had made for them. They started singing their gratitude! And then, we were taken by surprise as they spontaneously started hugging us and saying how much they loved us ……..and we reciprocated by hugging them back! Soon there was so much ‘love’ in the air, and more than one of us had our eyes mist over with tears of joy ……..
Two weeks later we went back to the shelter to teach them how to heal others. This time we took rubber slippers for each of them (an item requested by their manager Dorothy), a bale of maizemeal flour, and some tins of beans and meat sauce ……
When asked to comment on how Reiki had helped them, all of them had this to say: Reiki has removed my stress …….. I don’t feel ‘sad’ any more ………
Kamal Tolia
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2 Responses to Reiki Training at the Girls Shelter ……

  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    Bravo! Kudos to The girls who were so eager to learn this new healing Art which will improvise their life. Reiki is sure to empower these young women to handle their teenie weenie problems and become emotionally, physically and spiritually strong. Love and Light to all of them.

  2. Raj Walia says:

    Great job done ladies and well done to the girls in the Shelter.
    Reiki grows from strength to strength and spreading like a beautiful shower of healing all over.
    love,light and laughter

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