Healing of tumour by LHSG India members!

We have started our seva at the St Joseph’s Home for old people in Kolkatta, India, on 16th July 2013. From that day onward we have visited there 6 times.
We gave 5 healings to Mr.Taraknath. Manisha gave 2 times, me 2 times and we both, ones which was on last Wednesday 14th August.
He had a tumor in his left side of throat just below the chin. Despite of so many medications, tests, his tumor remain same and he was getting afraid that what is this? is it malignant in nature? if yes then what will happen to him, how can he arrange fund for operation, chemo etc..and became highly depressed. After our first visit, he felt better as Reiki started working on him in the emotional level also. We have seen him waiting for us from the very next week. In our 4th visit there were 2 more people and less time, he missed his session with us and told us that we should arrange our time accordingly as there are more people now. Last week the tumor was hanging.Both of us gave healing to him and assured him that it will fallen off by itself. Today when we saw him that tumor wasn’t there at all and he told us that it falls down in last Thursday. He thanks us and our group for such blessings. He was very cheerful today. And we are very happy for him.

Arpita Kundu and Manisha Bahrus, LHSG India

1. Mr Taraknath ... tumour on the neck

Mr Taraknath … tumour on his neck

2. Arpita giving healing to Mr Taraknath

Arpita gives Mr Taraknath healing ….

3. Manisha treating Mr Taraknath

Manisha giving Mr. Taraknath Reiki healing ……

4. After 6 sessions of Reiki ... Tumor fell off!

After 6 treatments of Reiki, the tumour fell off!!

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  1. Raj Walia says:

    Great News, our India family, just makes you want to cry with Joy when you see such good results.
    By giving Reiki at the home for the aged you are being blessed in abundance.
    Love,light and laughter

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