Lotus Healing Seva Group on Kenya Television!!

K 24, a popular TV channel in Kenya interviewed Lotus Healing Seva Group about Reiki and the role it plays in treating cancer patients. They filmed us treating cancer patients at Faraja Cancer Support Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, where we volunteer every week.

Being on Television was a first for LHSG, and we also felt very honoured to have been chosen to talk about Reiki!

Our first patient was  an elderly lady called Sushilaben. The second one was Jane, and the third one was Violet, the K24 TV presenter, who wanted to experience Reiki for herself! The LHSG Sevaks on this day were Raj, Lata, Pratima, Yvonne and myself.

The video clip is partly in English, partly in Kiswahili. Enjoy!

Kamal Tolia


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1 Response to Lotus Healing Seva Group on Kenya Television!!

  1. Raj Walia says:

    How amazing that there is no end to Sewa,
    How Reiki is coming into the lime light and there will be a time when Reiki will be the first healing used!
    Love,light and laugter

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