LHSG Donates to Mukuru Outreach Project …….

Along with spreading the knowledge of Reiki and offering free Reiki training, Lotus Healing Seva Group has also been making donations to the needy. 

One such recipient is The Mukuru Outreach Project. Over the last 18 months, two Reiki level 1 camps and one Reiki Level 2 camp were held for the people of the Mukuru slums. Then, over the last 3 months, the following were donated through our Kenya members, Monica, Shalini, Mamta, and other members: a carton of Betasil Cough Lozenges, a carton of sausages, a bale of maize meal flour, some clothes, and from our UK group member Lekha: Milk for two days for the children in their day care centre. 

The day care centre offers a safe environment forchildren under 4 years to play and learn. The mums of these children can then go to earn their living. Prior to the establishment of this day care, these young children from the slums would be left alone or with another young sibling all day in their home. The children would get burnt, wander off, and get lost, or in worst cases, even be stolen.

And our seva does not stop here! Starting from Monday 16th, the children at the centre will receive milk three times a week courtesy of Harish Tolia, through the Lotus Healing Seva Group Kenya! It is hoped that this will help overcome their nutritional deficiencies so they grow physically and emotionally strong.

Please see the pictures of the happy children and the videos of the grateful teachers and the manager of the project, Josephine.

Kamal Tolia

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  1. Robert Musungu says:

    Wow! May God REWARD YOU 100 times of what you volunteer to help the weak,the poor, the disadvantaged. Ooh! God bless you all so much!

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