LHSG Seva continues in the year 2014 …..

For the fourth year running, Lotus Healing Seva Group carried out a Reiki Level 1 training camp for the girls at the Hawkers Market Girls Centre. Every year, girls 16 – 24 years old, school leavers or dropouts, from the slums of Nairobi, are identified by the centre for a year’s training programme in basic accounts, health and hygiene, computer skills, cooking, stitching, working with beads, and other survival skills. LHSG have partnered with them to teach the girls Reiki very year.

So on 12th February 2014, Mamta, Nalina, Lata and Kamal attuned and trained 17 girls in Reiki Level 1. They were assisted in this process by the manager of the centre Isabel Asenwa, a Reiki Level 2 channel herself, and by Yvonne, a Reiki Level 2 channel from last year. Mamta gave the introduction to Reiki and explained the Five Principles of Reiki.

The girls took to Reiki like a fish to water! They willingly lay down for the attunement, after which they reported feeling very relaxed and warm as the energy passed through them! One of them shared that a headache she had since the morning disappeared after the attunement! Then, in a very short time they mastered the art of healing themselves, and after a lunch break, readily partnered up to heal each other.

Before the end of the programme, the importance of healing themselves and of drinking lots of water for 21 days was imparted to them. They were also encouraged to give healing to others. Finally they were explained about energy exchange. As a means of giving back for the gift of Reiki they had received, they pledged to pray that the knowledge of Reiki be spread to everyone, and to join the LHSG volunteers every Wednesday to give Reiki to the ICU patients at M P Shah Hospital and to the cancer patients at the Faraja Cancer Support Centre.

This brings to 30 the number of Reiki camps (all Levels) conducted by Lotus Healing Seva Group members worldwide —– Kenya, India, UK and UAE in which 944 people have benefited!

Kamal Tolia
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  1. Lotus Healing Seva Group,
    Thank you very much from all the girls at the Hawkers Market Girl Centre.
    We are all sleeping better. We are more relaxed.
    We are aware of what a precious tool we have.
    We are practising regularly.
    We have learnt to keep our commitment.
    We look forward to going to Faraja and practice what we have learnt and give back to those who will benefit from Rwiki.
    We are very lucky indeed to be part of the Reiki Geoup on Kenya.
    Asante Sana

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