LHSG Crosses The 1000 Mark!

The Kenya Lotus Healing Seva Group has reason to smile yet again! On 22nd February 2014, we crossed the 1000 mark in terms of the number of people we have trained in Reiki (all Levels)!

 Picture this:

 Venue: Kanaani Secondary School in Athi River, just outside of Nairbobi, with Mt. Lukenya in the background …..

Scene: 118 Form 2 and Form 3 boys and girls (approx.16 year olds) and 4 teachers and the Headmistress eagerly waiting to take their first step in the Healing field!

11 Lotus Healing Seva Group sevaks all ready and excited to share the gift of Reiki……

4 gracious ladies from the Amara Charitable Trust ready to introduce us………

This was the perfect mix for the emergence of a wonder filled day! Even though this was our 31st Reiki camp, we marveled once again at the joy and happiness on the faces of the lovely children and teachers as they experienced the healing power of Reiki in their hands. By the end of the day, they came to realize that health was truly in their own hands!

The day began with the introduction of Reiki and its principles, followed by the attunement and self healing in the morning, then continued to healing others in the afternoon. The camp was punctuated with a mid morning break during which everybody enjoyed juice and biscuits, and a lunch of a vegetable burger and samosa and water at lunch time.

Before we closed, experiences were shared, and questions answered. After impressing upon them the importance of self healing, and to share their gift of Reiki with others by healing them, we bid them goodbye, with a promise to be back to take them to the next level of Reiki when they were ready.

We know that the Universe always gives us what we wish for. LHSG sends out a continuous wish to do Reiki seva, and the Universe complies. It grants us our wish through people like the Amara Charitable Trust www.amaratrust.com . Our sincere gratitude to Manisha and the ladies of the Amara Charitable Trust who made it possible for us to conduct the Reiki camp at the school, which caters to the children from the slums of Athi River town.

So we say with pride and joy, now, that this was our 31st Reiki camp in Kenya and we have attuned 1067 people to various levels of Reiki!

Please read the experiences, thoughts and feelings of some of our members below ….. Kamal Tolia

My gratitude to the Amara Charitable Trust for giving us The Lotus Healing Sewa Group such a beautiful opportunity to attune and teach level 1 Reiki to the students of form two and three at Kanaani Secondary school on Saturday 22 February 2014.

The children were all receptive to “reiki”, something which they had not even heard of. Accepting this “universal energy force” with open arms was an absolute delight.

It was a gratifying experience as there were 4 teachers and the headmistress who also got attuned. The day progressed very well according to our schedule.

One thing that I found interesting was the children were all inquisitive to know MORE about Reiki towards the end of the day and the questions were just non-stop till we left. It seems LHSG are going to be at this school in a few months for Reiki level 2.

Love and light


What a well spent Saturday.

Going out into the periderm of Nairobi

To a school that was able to give us a clean, quiet space over looking Mt. Lukenya.

118 hundred students and 5 teachers participating.

We know so many schools but to have so many keen students, ready to learn. They were smart, clean, receptive, disciplined and willing.

If the teachers do a half hour Reiki session every day, surely this will be the best way to raise the awareness of the school, staff, students and their families., for their highest good.

At the end of the day, I received so much energy, I felt cleansed and empowered …..


On Sat 22nd Feb a large group of us went out to Kanaani Secondary school in Athi River to give a Reiki workshop and attune the students and some teachers. This is a new school built by the Amara Trust who build schools in rural areas and then hand them over to the Government to be run. It was a pleasant surprise to arrive at the school which is set in very spacious grounds under the shadow of Mt Lukenya.

We were joined by Manisha, Bansi, Smita and Diana from the Amara Trust.

There were many students waiting when we arrived and Kamal gave them all an introductory talk on Reiki. They were then divided into 2 groups to be attuned and to learn how to do Reiki on themselves. We had a short lunch break and then they did a session on treating each other. Some of the boys found this very amusing. On the whole it was a worthwhile experience and Diana from the Amara Trust felt wonderful and said the painful chest she had come with was completely healed. She was very excited and positive about her day.



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