A Radio Interview with Sound Asia

Kamal Tolia was approached by Sound Asia to feature in their Radio Program on Health.

Vandana Chauhan of the radio station was interested in Kamal’s Reiki Work, the Lotus Healing Seva Group and its Seva activities, and the book Kamal has written: Soul Reflections.

The hour long interview happened on 27th September 2014. Harish Tolia recorded and edited most of the songs out of it, to make it only 37 minutes long. Here is the link to the whole interview:


Hope you enjoy listening to it!

Kamal at teh studio with Vandana of Sound Asia

KT Sound Asia 2

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  1. Thanks for answering my question on weight loss. The show was superb and inspirational. I felt to see Mrs Komal Tolia soon.
    Got to know the basic of Art of Reiki.
    Thanks and Regards.

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