My Journey With Reiki


then, she began to breathe,

and live, and every moment

took her to a place where

goodbyes were hard to come

  1. she was in love, but not

in love with someone or

something, she was in love

with her life. and for the

first time, in a long time,

everything was inspiring. 

r.m. drake

Have you ever watched a butterfly unfurl its’ wings for the first time, and flit around in joy at its’ new-found freedom?

I compare my journey with the butterfly.

They say when the Universe sees you are ready, Reiki will find you. You never look for Reiki…. It finds you…..

And so began my journey…..

I had reached that point in my life where I was ready to give up. I was now at rock bottom. I was an emotional wreck, and highly strung at all times. I did my Art of Living course and followed my meditations, breathing exercises and all but not only did I not have the time required for it, I felt it was not making any difference to my life. Quite on the contrary, I was more agitated than I had been before I started the course. (Please, I am not saying it’s bad…. It just didn’t work for me the way I thought it would.)

One evening sitting at home while surfing the net, the word REIKI came into my mind. Of course I’d heard about it but never really felt inclined towards it. However, that evening, I googled it, and not only googled the word REIKI, I googled REIKI TEACHERS IN NAIROBI.

My life was just about to turn. And I didn’t know that.

Google search came up with Kamal Tolia, Lotus Healing and a contact. I sent my e-mail thinking yeah, I’ll get a reply some time. Not really expecting the swift response. Not an e-mail – I got a call the very next morning and the next thing I know I’d booked myself for the next weekend to learn Reiki.

What did I expect? I don’t really know. I just knew that it was an alternate healing therapy. And so I guess I went without any preconceived notions and an open mind, ready to see why I suddenly felt such a pull towards Reiki.

Was this my calling?

Was this a Higher order from my sub-conscious?

Was this my salvation?

YES YES YES to all the above.

I did my Reiki attunement and I could not ask for a more loving and wonderful teacher than Kamal Tolia.

Then came the next step.

“No, I cannot give you your certificate until you complete 21 days of self-healing and healing others.”

This was the true test and whether I was ready to trust Reiki with my life.

I started doing my self-healing and my friends as well. (I was a bit apprehensive to note that every time I’d do a healing for my friends, they’d fall asleep. Later on talking to Kamal Aunty she explained that they were getting relaxed with the reiki. (Thank God she did explain otherwise I’d have convinced myself that I was doing something wrong.)

But that was not what struck me……

ME…. The changes in me, as a person, as an individual.In every aspect of my life. I became a more confident person. Not only in dealing with my work but also as a person.

I began to look at everything more positively, seeing the positivity in my life. Grateful for being alive and being able to experience so many wonderful things in life, more importantly, just waking up.

I was no longer that tense cranky angry person any more. I was suddenly calm and relaxed and taking each day as it comes. Suddenly, nothing seemed to ruffle my feathers and I began to actually appreciate each day.

I no longer dreaded going to the office thinking, “Oh, what new drama will unfold today?”

And if something did come up, I’d just sit in my office and give myself reiki and read my affirmations.

  1. Just for today I shall live the attitude of gratitude.
  2. Just for today I will not worry
  3. Just for today I will not get angry
  4. Just for today I will live my life honestly
  5. Just for today I will show love and respect for every living thing.

(In fact, I’ve made myself a big poster of the affirmations which I have put up in my office.)

My work started flowing with ease. I was no longer stressing about deadlines and what is supposed to happen. By living and taking each day as it came, my life started flowing. Everything started falling into place without me having to stress. It is indeed a wonderful feeling.

I shall not say that I did not get angry during this period. But it was no longer the anger which destroys your self. I found my self-confidence soar once again.

After marriage, especially in the Indian culture, we start making small sacrifices, and then bigger ones, until you are no longer the person you once were. I was in that rut. And this rut had made me weak emotionally. Every time I’d do my healing, my throat, heart, sacral and root chakras would take forever taking in energy.

I never had a voice in the home always trying to keep the peace. Except I did not realize that in keeping the peace I was destroying my very self. I had lost myself somewhere along the way and created blocks in my chakras and my life.

Reiki reinstilled that confidence in me that I too am a person, and I too need to love and respect myself. And I started standing up for myself and voicing my concerns (something I would have never dared to earlier), and I was being listened to.

As I changed within the 21 days, so did everyone around me. My children and I have always been very close, but then they now started cuddling more, showing more affection and even helping with chores without being asked.

My biggest regret…… Why did I not do Reiki earlier???

Answer: I was not ready for it. But now I am, and I cannot wait to carry on my journey….

Join me in my journey with Reiki, and I assure you, that is one decision you will never regret in your life……

Love and light.

Thank you Guruji Kamal Tolia…

And thank you Master Usui

Nina Bhalla,

Nairobi, Kenya

24th August 2014

** Nina Bhalla completed Reiki Level 1 on 29th June, 2014 

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  1. Shariffa says:

    In the parks in temples
    In jamatkhanas
    At story Moja
    All are lifting
    Their eyes their
    Hearts and souls
    Just for today
    Peace love
    Light forgiveness

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