9th Anniversary Celebrations …..Kenya Seva No. 2

Kenya Seva No. 2 Fun Day for Mukuru Children

This was a fun day for our 85 Reiki Children and10 Reiki Adults from Mukuru, including Mr. Ombongi, a committee elder. The date was 18th October and the venue was the Montessori Learning Centre, Nairobi. The event was carried out seamlessly by Mr. James and his professional team from Swim Africa, with the kind permission and support of the Parent Teacher’s Association of the school. We were also joined by Martina Lordan, a patron and committee member of Mukuru Outreach centre.

Our guests from Mukuru were given juice and biscuits on arrival at 10.30 am. They were then shown a slide show of hurt and abused animals, and a discussion followed on the different ways animals are abused and the importance of loving all animals. We then sent Reiki to all abused and hurt animals in the world and to the intention that every animal, from the tiniest ant to the largest animal be safe from all harm.

After that they went on to the fun activities ….. boating, driving motorized karts, cycling, riding scooters, basketball, football, jumping castle, volley ball, badminton, obstacle race, tug of war, wall climbing, team building activities etc. The excitement was palpable, and the joy of watching the children running about laughing and excited was a treat for us all. The excitement was contagious, and in no time all of us adults were joining the children jumping, laughing, running etc.  So it is no exaggeration to say that all present there had a ball of a time!

The activities were followed by a scrumptious lunch of a samosa, a burger and a soda after which everybody went home at around 3.30 pm.

A big thank you to our member Rashmeen who conceived the whole idea and carried it through with James and the school authorities. The LHSG members who did this seva were Pratima, Sheela, Mamta, Priya, Yatinder, Shariffa, Nalina, Kamal, Jayanti, Lata, Bubbles and our Mukuru in charge, Josephine.

Please read the accounts of some of our members below, and do watch the pictures that follow.

Kamal Tolia

Yatinder …..I am so proud to be part of our LHSG group. The fun day was meant for the children but I also became a small child amongst them. Oh! They were so happy. When they were laughing and enjoying the games it made me realise what they were missing, fun, fresh air etc etc. love and light …..

Mamta ……. 18th October 2014 was our great “FUN DAY”  as part of our LHSG anniversary celebrations. It was a huge success! The children were thrilled with everything – bouncing castle, boating, cycling, go-carting, cycling, basketball, soccer and team building games! These children’s happy faces were completely priceless! Their laughter and joy just echoed everywhere! I enjoyed every minute spent with these lovely children. I am sure they will remember this day all their lives and so will I! A true gratifying Diwali ! Sharing joy and love

Bubbles ……. Saturday,18th our Fun Day. A blessed day!! The night before heavens opened up.Thanks to Reiki,18th morning,though it was still overcast,all the planned out-door activities went flawlessly. James with his Swim Africa team did a splendid job of setting up the grounds for jumping castle,soccer,go-carting,team-building,obstacle race,bike riding etc. Over eighty school children from Makuru slums participated in the fun activities,highlight being boating and jumping castle.Great energy!!! To replenish their energies,they were served unlimited drinks and scrumptious food.To top it all,goody bags to carry home. Together with the fun part,Kamalji very cleverly incorporated learning about taking care of the animals by giving a useful talk with a slide show. I am sure this was one day the children are going to remember all their lives.From 10am-3pm it was non-stop FUN. Hats off to LHSG,especially our darling Rashmeen for organizing this event. Looking forward to more seva…. Love and light,

Sheela …… Once again another beautiful day with our Mukuru children.
The weather was perfect.
Being with my Lotus sisters was always perfect.
The opportunity provided for us by the children and their teachers was perfect.
The Swim Africa team along with the PTA ladies to share this experience with was just perfect.
That all the activities was super fun for all ages was simply perfect.
And to top it all off, the yummy nourishment at the end was received gratefully and yes, was perfect.
The details that were put together so everything worked smoothly was because….. Our dear Rashmeen is perfect.
With the Almighty’s and Reiki’s blessings….. Yes, it was a perfect day.
Love and Light

Jayanti …… Only one word can describe the day ……………BEAUTIFUL!!!! It was beautiful all around, the weather, the intense joy on the children’s faces, the happiness irradiating all around,the pleasure of all even the carers as they guided the children, the intense devotion of the organisers. I’ll remember this for a long time to come. One of the happiest moments of my life in Kenya. Love and Light …..

 Shariffa …… That was a fun morning for our heart and soul there was so much happiness and good will

‘Beyond words

Said one volunteer

Beyond words

Was the joy in their

Faces,eyes,and limbs

Moving, singing

Pushing pulling

Rowing riding





Breathing in

The energy

Love sharing

Food and thoughts

We were inspired

I was energised

Beyond words

At the Seva Initiative

Montessori Learning Centre


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  1. Nicole says:

    Amazing. Looking at the photos, and reviewing the stories from the event made me feel like I was there. I can imagine it was a memorable day for all. Thank you in particular for discussing animal abuse and healing with the students. I was touched to see the group photos of the students sending healing to abused animals. Thank you to all. Happy Diwali.

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