9th Anniversary Celebrations: LHSG Canada

Our Canada member Ayala and her Daughter Brit did this Seva on Thanks giving Day … Read on ….

Dear Kamal and LHSG,

Yesterday 15th October was the Canadian Thanksgiving.
Hazon, Brit and I, went down town to a community centre, Yonge Street Mission,
For our Seva, and to mark the 9th Anniversary of the LHSG.
We helped to prepare and serve the Thanksgiving Meal.
As you can see in the photos.
When we came, I set a sacred place. Before we served the meal, there were
Prays, this place is run by the church, and during this time, Brit and I
Sent Reiki to all the people that were present.
These people are poor, some are old and lonely, some were disable,
And some had all kind of addictions.
It was overwhelming how all the people prayed, sang, and gave their
Gratitude to the centre.
We felt very privileged to do this Seva.
I am going to keep sending healing to these people up till the end of October.

Lots of Love and Light to you all,

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