My visit to the Vet

On Wednesday, 22nd September 2010, I went to visit the vet to heal the animals over there. I went with Kamal Aunty, and my mum, Monica Gokaldas

I managed to give healing to four animals: three dogs and one cat. All the animals I healed were big, so, unfortunately, I could not hold them.

The animals and their problems:

  • A big, brown and black, male dog named Speckles, who had a broken leg as he had been over by a car. When he came, he was really shaking and even took a lot of healing. While sending him healing, I noticed that he had stopped shaking, and I could sense that he was a lot calmer. This showed that Reiki had an effect on the animal too.
  • Next was Laila, a black and white female dog who had a snake bite on her shoulder. She however did not take a lot, as she was nearly healed, and she was also very calm while receiving the healing.
  • After that, I got to heal a slightly smaller black and brown dog with scabies on his face. This dog also took a lot of healing, and I could tell that he was slightly nervous before receiving the Reiki energy, and responded well to it as it calmed down quickly.
  • Lastly, I got to heal a big, white, female cat. The vet had already said that this cat was already healed, but we gave her healing anyway, and found that she really did not need a lot of healing. She was a very healthy cat!

From this experience, I have realised that apart from human beings, animals can also benefit from Reiki, and can work wonders for our very dear pets, and fellow animal brothers. This was a very enjoyable and pleasant experience, and I would definitely not mind doing it again. I just wish that I got to hold some of the animals, but they were just too big……..I guess that is what a next time is for… get wishes fulfilled!

Harleen Gokaldas

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