9th Anniversary Celebrations, India, Surat

Sanskriti in Surat India, did 2 sevas …..

Seva No. 1

Aum n Namaste..On occasion of our 9’th anniversary I had announced free healing for 5 days to anyone who needed…First day I gave healing to my friends maid jyoti…She was having high fever n had a pus in her finger…BECOZ of which she was not able to work easily…Good news is her fever was normal nxt day n she said her finger was much relaxed n was able to sleep well that night after 6 sleepless nights…she was telling me why dint I do the healing before!! Thanks to Reiki…

Yesterday I went to give Reiki to a relative PADMA GULWANI  who is depressed since 2 yrs after her angioplasty…she doesn’t step out of the room…But that evening her daughter in law called and thanked me saying that after about 7-8 months she stepped out of the room and came to her hall  and had a chat with her family…I had given her healing a year back too n tat day too after many months she spoke n came out of the room..Yet another reiki miracle!!

Today I  gave healing to another relative named Meena Tarachandani….she fell in the bathroom n hurt her toes where she has got stiches n her back is sprained very badly coz of which she has lot of pain n not able to sit n stand…she is on bed rest….she took in very well specially at solar sacral root heart n crown…n also gave her at the place she is hurt….May Reiki like always heal her as well….

Very soon Diwali vacations are going to begin and I plan to take the children of my building n give them water to hold n chant Gayatri mantra n I and Samay (my son, who has done Reiki level 1) will give out reiki to the water n pour the holy water on the plants near by and bless the plants n also spread awareness of love and light to the children…..

Lnl Sanskriti

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Seva No. 2…..  20th October 2014

Aum n Namastee

Today I and the kids in my society gathered and meditated for mother earth and all the plants and trees …Firstly I explained the kids that now a days due to global warming all the plants n trees are slowly getting dry and dying..so today we will hold water in hand which is a very good conductor of energy and chant aum mantra and pass the high positive energy into this water which we will hold in our hands and visualise our mother earth full of trees plants and pour this holy water into all the trees n plants near by and bless them with lots of love and positive energy and pray for their growth!

The meditation went very well…we all made a circle held each other’s hands( I explained to the kids that when we sit in a group holding hands the energies multiply)And then I told them the visualise energy passing into the water and we chanted the aum mantra…After the chanting I told them now let’s say together that may this high energy water heal n nourish our mother earth and all living beings on it. And then we went to all the plants and trees nearby and poured this holy water on them and blessed the plants … My son (who has completed Reiki level 1) and I gave Reiki to the trees n all the other kids passed positive energy from their tender hands..It was a blessing to complete this sewa with these little ones…They were so happy to do this sewa…

Prayers that our mother earth gets loads n loads of love and light…I did my little bit of guiding these little souls n pray that they always spread love to our mother earth…



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