The Various Ways of Healing: Some Reflections.

I always thought that to be a healer meant setting up a healing practice and devoting my time 100% to giving treatments. I have come to think differently about this lately and would like to share my thoughts with you.

I started Reiki to heal myself. Of course, this is the foundation of any healer; one has to be at peace with oneself in order to share it with others. As I continued through the Reiki levels and the Soul’s Journey Home, I discovered an enormous power within me; a power not just to heal myself and my family at higher and higher levels but a power which influenced the wellbeing of all things living, including the Earth. After finishing Level 5 of the SJH, I felt so incredulously powerful! It even overwhelmed me at times. ‘How can I best deal with this power?’ I asked myself. Should I channel it in a Reiki practice? Should I offer my healing services to the community and free up my time for healing treatments? This would entail quite a change as I already had a full time job as a manager of a foundation. In this ‘other life’ I dealt with business plans, managed staff issues and did acquisition for new funding. Quite something different. Or is it?

When I started working for the foundation, it was at odds with itself. Staff members were in conflict with the Management Team and in competition with each other. People were emotional, distracted and work performance suffered. I was hired while still recuperating from a concussion after a head injury. In fact I had tried to withdraw myself from the recruitment process, but the foundation convinced me they wanted to hire me and no one else. Now I see why. In the past 1.5 years, yes, I have been dealing with business but I have also done a lot of healing. Healing staff members during one to one meetings, healing of the team spirit, healing the conflicts within the foundation and even healing some of the negative energies which were stuck in the office building. I would give Reiki healing to my working day and all those who would cross my path before starting work. While walking through the entrance, I would consciously turn on my inner light, and visualize myself emitting love and light, just raising the vibrations. Sometimes, messages would come to me while speaking to my colleagues and I would start talking to them from another dimension. My initial embarrassment made way for comfort when I saw that people seemed to accept it.

So I think healing can be given in various ways. You can become a full time healer and open up a practice, or you can infuse your working life and the career you have built with Reiki healing and other spiritual practices. In my experience, people will love it. Everybody is looking for a new way of doing things, achieving a sense of inner peace and balance and they intuitively feel that what we as Reiki healers have to offer, will help them on their way. They may not feel comfortable making an appointment with a healer for a treatment, but they may accept the healing from a colleague who they trust. In this way, we are able to reach out to a lot more people and raise their vibrations, be a companion along their life’s path and share whatever needs to be shared in that moment, on that day, in that particular situation.

One last thing I would like to share. My job takes me to a lot of countries and exposes me to many different groups of people. Whenever I am in a large group (be it on a plane or in a conference), I consciously turn on my inner light, raise my vibrations and visualize love and light descending on all people. This lights up their inner light and makes them feel their core or true self. I then visualize a light grid above us and start connecting the lights of people to this grid. Not everybody connects but most of them willingly do so. This lights up the grid even more. I then command the grid to stay active forever and to merge with the mind consciousness grid of the Earth. This then increases the light of the common consciousness of the people of Earth and will, hopefully soon, manifest a more peaceful world.

So healers, wherever you are, use your healing power in whatever you are doing now. Don’t save it for your quiet healing time or meditations only. Use it on the bus, in the shops, in your places of work, in your children’s schools. Give safe spaces freely to people who pass you by on the street with pain in their eyes. We have to give out the healing in abundance as the world needs it badly. We cannot stay balanced ourselves if our neighbor, our boss, our teacher or even the man sitting next to us in the cafeteria is not at peace. If we are to reach the great tipping point of a critical mass of people willing and able to change the status quo of our world, then we need to heal generously and anonymously. It will work. I am sure.

Krista… LHSG Netherlands

16th September 2014


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  1. Nicole says:

    Wow. This is beautiful. Thank you, Krista. I will do my best to put your advice into practice.

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