Starting the year 2015 with Seva and a Book Launch!

The year 2015 started for LHSG Kenya with a special opportunity to bring Reiki to the masses. Under the aegis of The Sindhi Welfare Society, we held a stall for three days, January 30, 31 and February 1 at a Hindu Council Expo. in Nairobi, Kenya. The exhibition was held at the Oshwal Centre.

Our purpose was to spread the knowledge of Reiki by offering Free Reiki Healing to the visitors at the fair. At the same time, we were selling my Book ‘Soul Reflections’. The book was launched on the afternoon of 31st January, with the kind help from Rekha Kochar of the Hindu Council Women’s Wing.

The Sevaks who helped out during these three days were Lata, Mamta, Pratima, Punita, Anuradha, Sheela, Cooky, Sumiti, Grace, Dee, Priya and myself.

While the sale of the book was going on at a steady pace, we were busy offering  20 mins Free Reiki Mini treatments to the people. Most of them had never heard of Reiki. But all felt wonderful after the healing session.

Some of their comments: feel rested …. Wonderful feelings and lots of energy, thanks to all of you …. Felt good and got good energy … feel enlighetened! ….feels nice and better …. A good relaxing method … its good, everyone should try it … very warm hands, a deep deep feeling of relaxation … a new technique which was very very relaxing …. Opportunity to explore the other side of life …. Bliss!! It works! ….feel refreshed and rejuvenated ….. makes the bosy feel energized but relaxed …. Enjoyed the experience and would like to learn the technique …. Relieved me from the pains in my heel and shoulder, lots of energy …. Felt energy flowing …excellent, feel good already ! ….

Altogether, we gave Reiki to more than 40 people! There was a steady stream of them throughout the 3 days. We often had 2 or 3 Reiki treatments going on at the same time, much to the curiosity of the passersby! Once, there were 4 of us with our hands full, giving Reiki to four people. We were all engrossed ….. After a few minutes, when I looked up, I saw we had an audience!! ……. The passersby (about 20!!) had stopped to watch what was going on in our stall…….. And they all wanted to experience the energy … so although it was time to wind up everything, we took on a few more …..

And so it is that Lotus Healing Seva Group Kenya started the New Year with doing what they know best ….. Reiki Seva.

My gratitude to the universe for supporting us once again in our Life Purpose of doing Seva and for the opportunity to launch and sell  my Book ‘Soul Reflections’.

Please watch the pictures and the videos below.

Kamal Tolia

Photo gallery:

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  1. Nicole says:

    Congratulations to Kamal on her new book. I am sure the audience enjoyed hearing Kamal’s talk as well as the fashion show. Thank you for the video.

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