Our 38th Reiki Camp!

On February 5th 2015, Mamta of Lotus Healing Seva Group (Kenya) conducted LHSG’s 38th Reiki camp!! Well Done Mamta!

For the 5th year running, we attuned the girls of the Hawkers Market Girls Centre. The Centre receives about 20 girls every year. They receive basic training in computers, cookery, tailoring, and other skills as well as training in Reiki from Lotus Healing Seva Group.

To date, the number of people LHSG has trained in Reiki in Kenya, UK, UAE and India is 1466!

Kamal Tolia

Here is Mamta’s report:

Lotus Healing Sewa group conducted Reiki level I class for Hawkers Market Girls Center on 5th February. We had 22 students eagerly wanting to be healers. They listened attentively to the meaning and history of Reiki. After learning the principles of Reiki  they lay down for the attunement.

They shared their experiences and then we had a short break for juice and biscuits.

After the break was the time to experience the magical Reiki from their hands and heal themselves. It was a beautiful feeling to see them do self healing with so much patience and devotion. They felt so relaxed that they lay down for some time after the healing.

Then we had a lunch break and they enjoyed the burgers and samosas we had taken for them.

Lunch was followed by partner Reiki and they learnt how to heal others.

They were very happy and danced and sang in gratitude for us after we finished. The volunteers were Anuradha, Cooky, Neena, Sumiti and  myself.

I am very grateful- to the universe for this beautiful Sewa opportunity and to Kamalji for her guidance, faith and encouragement for conducting the camp! Thank you!

Love n Light!

Mamta Advani

Photo gallery:

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  1. Nicole says:

    Beautiful group photo. I can tell from the smiles alone that the ladies had a wonderful day.

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