Little Reiki Healers … We Hail Thee!!

Lotus Healing Seva Group (Kenya) have another feather in their cap …. We trained 49 eager young children aged 7 – 15 years from the Kangemi slums in Nairobi. This happened on 16th April 2015. These children are among many that  three Nairobi ladies Prafulla, Laxmi and Bhavna feed every Sunday in Kangemi.

Empowering the needy and the destitute people is not new to Lotus Healing Seva Group. We have been doing it for the past 5 years! But each time we have done this seva in the slums, we have faced challenges ….. teaching in the local language Kiswahili, delayed starts due to the people having transport problems, compressing a 7 hour training schedule to 5 and sometimes even 4 hours to fit the time available …. Etc. etc. ….

This time we had to teach to the sounds of occasional honking of buses and matatus (public mini vans), and sometimes to music blaring from loudspeakers, AND, with hardly any room to sit down during the 5 hours! At times, there was hardly any room to even stand between the children to guide them in the healing. The pictures tell it all!

Does all this deter us? No, and it never will. In spite of these difficulties, come 3 pm, we had 49 NEW little Reiki Healers with shining eyes, bright faces, and healing hearts and hands, all ready to share their Love and Light with the world!

The sevaks that did this seva were Mamta, Shariffa, Nalina, Anuradha and myself, Kamal.

Read on for their accounts and do see the photos that follow.

Shariffa ….

As we arrived in Kangemi, past the very poor roads, non existent sewage, water or power, the lack,of basic amenities was very apparent.

Once we entered the room where the children were chanting ‘shivo hum’ the boundaries became seemless.  We realised that we were the ones receiving an opportunity to see the open spirit of these children. Children who were chanting with all their hearts, inviting us to join in. As we joined in the energy changed and all boundaries disappeared.

We felt so grateful to be able to share the life force that has no boundaries.

The children were enthusiastic, receptive, fell into the flow of Reiki. They healed themselves patiently and sincerely.

As they gave reiki to,their partners they were patient and generous.

Truly as the Njeroges,Otienos, and Busolos, healed each other, we felt that surely those who heal each other, chant together, eat together, will indeed live in harmony.

It was a humbling experience that made us realise that God holds us in HIS perfection. That indeed we are not perfect but HIS holding us in HIS perfection is a great gift for us. That children live in this simple understanding. The kingdom of God I’d within.

We were working from inside out.

Those cherubic faces with bright eyes and dimpled cheeks. Creature of God indeed thank you LHSG for the opportunity to open up our hearts.

Shivo Hum=

Nalina ….


I am grateful to have been part of this seva and for the universe and our guru’s guidance to make this possible.

Yesterday’s seva was to teach reiki level 1 to 50 children in Kangemi.  These children are being supported for food and education by four ladies on a voluntary basis. It was touching to see the difference they are making in the lives of these children.  The lotus healing group’s contribution of teaching reiki to this group of children was very humbling.  We have now empowered these children to not only heal themselves but others around them as well.  We all realize that in this abject poverty in these slum areas access to medical treatments is almost impossible hence reiki should act as a prevention and keep them in better health and balance.

All the children in their innocence and sweetness were very receptive to the energy. Aren’t we truly blessed to make a difference in their innocent lives?

Love and light


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  1. Nicole says:

    So great to see a room full of happy children learning and practicing reiki. Thanks for all you do. Thanks, too for feeding the children.

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