The Wesak Meditation of 4th May 2015

The Wesak Meditation of 4th May 2015

In Nairobi, Kenya, about 25 Kenya members met at 9.45 am in Cooky’s new house for the Wesak Meditation on Monday 4th May. Cooky had placed chairs in a circle around a creatively arranged altar in the centre …. There were Buddhas, Kwan Yin, Babaji and Ganpati moortis (statues) with Bamboo plants, and lots of candles. As members came in, they placed their crystals, moortis, pictures of Higher Beings, and bottles of water and the seera and shaker para (food) to be blessed at the altar.

A few mins before 10, we allocated 5 chairs for our members Runi (Kenya, Kisumu), Raj (Perth, Australia), Manisha, Arpita, Priyanka (India, Kolkatta) and invited them to join us. At exactly 10 am, together with our LHSG members and other Love and Light workers,  we started our journey to the enchanted Wesak Valley in the Himalayas!

We received blessings from Buddha, Kwan Yin, Lord Shiv, Jesus Christ, Babaji and the Masters and Higher Beings, drank the waters from the crystal bowl, spread our Love and Light with our environment, our city, our country, our continent, the Earth, our Solar System, our Galaxy, our Universe and the Cosmos ….. and returned back to Nairobi all starry eyed and bursting with love and light at the end of the meditation ….

We spent the rest of the day feeling replete from within, keeping as silent as we can, so that we could continue to enjoy the feeling of utter peace and joy within.

What we did not realize was that the glow in us was actually visible to others!! ….  After the meditation, Priya and Bindi went to a café. They were having their coffee and chatting softly. Suddenly, a man from another table walked up to them and said … ‘You seem so happy, both of you! It is very rare to see two people so happy and joyful. Lovely to see so much joy and happiness in you both!’ …….. and he walked away!

Then the next day, 5th May, Yatinder and I (Kamal) met with Kenya external members Tejal and Sharmila and a friend to do the Wesak Meditation again, but this time the venue was a by a river at the West House hotel in Nairobi. The sound and energy of the river added an extra dimension to the already great love vibrations of the meditation leaving us on a High once again! We ended by pouring some of the blessed water in the river for the love vibrations to reach all the waters of the world!

Our Uk members met at Bena’s house to meditate together. They had some wonderful experiences too!

Do read on for our experiences……..

Kamal Tolia 

LHSG Kenya


My Vesak meditation experience was truly heavenly. As I saw each and every guide

They filled my jholi – brown shawl with blessings from their cupped hands.

Throughout the day I was mostly quiet and was riding on a high love and light.

Thank you Kamal Aunty for making this feeling/experience possible.

Love and light.


They say where there is a will there is a way. The saying felt so true, when against all odds, I finally reached with Shalini to Cooky’s house on the 4th for the meditation against all odds. As we arrived, I was full of gratitude to the Universe, that I could join my Lotus sisters at the venue. Cooky had very creatively set up The Altar at the centre of the pyramid shaped glass roof. The sun rays had a magical effect as they played hide and seek with us. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to do the meditation.


The meditation conducted under the guidance of our Guru Kamal flowed in very smoothly as we all followed the steps one by step.  Although I had done this meditation with her three years ago, and since then haven’t heard the CD, as I had been doing it from memory for past two years, it felt very familiar. I felt the presence of a lot of higher beings, felt the strong yet serene energy pervading me inside and outside. Each higher being entered with a different coloured light enthused channel through the same dimension.

I experienced all that was mentioned in the meditation CD and also saw a lot of images emerging and merging into each other to become the ONE.  A variety of forms made their presence felt and became the Buddha. The Buddha multiplied into many Buddhas all of whom were Golden and then they all became one. The Buddha would suddenly be sleeping, be floating, be sitting in Gasho, be placing his Hand over me to bless me. All that seemed to happen instantaneous within a flick of a second. I felt Iwas floating and going all over the valley and the hills around, moving in all directions and observing many groups of beings, groups of people as well groups of horses, elephants, birds etc.

When Kwan Yin was about to emerge, I felt the subdued hues of Pink all over the room. Kwan Yin turned into Tara into Goddess Saraswati into Durga Mata. It felt like a collective female God energy. As Lord Shiva appeared the energies started moving in a vortex all over the room and this energy was a super charged energy.

At one instance, I heard the unspoken word from Buddha, “Monica, you are now pregnant. Pregnant with the Knowledge, you have to give it birth.” I really cannot figure out what it meant and what am I supposed to do. The CD stopped and Kamal told us to bilocate back to the room from the Wesak Valley, so reluctantly I returned back.

The Effect:

The calm and peace within was great as with any meditation. Sitting with the group, it felt much more energetic and the vibrations were very soothing.

Although I could not maintain a total silence as I had a series of meetings lined up for the day, I did manage to speak less and listen more. I felt very energetic the whole day, despite my usual aches and pains. I felt like I was on a high.

Beyond all else, the feeling of oneness with my outer self and my inner self and the disconnected connection with the wordly matter gives me much pleasure and satisfaction now.


This is my favorite  meditation. The energies are so wonderful when doing it in our LHSG group together.
When Buddha came to bless me he came with so much golden light it was overwhelming. During the rest of the meditation I saw constant swirls of green and red colours. It was very moving and I realised  I had tears in my eyes at the end when I came back.
Thank you so much Kamal for leading us through such a beautiful meditation. It gets better every year!

I am.

This was my first time doing this beautiful meditation.
I was in valley with the feeling of “deja-vu” …. Familiar surroundings….. Happy to be back!
Then as Kamalji guided through the tape, I already knew who was coming to bless us…..Lord Buddha with his loving gentle energy enveloped us……followed by Mother Kwan Yi  with Her “fresh cool crystal clear”…..for lack of better description….energy enveloped us…… Lord Shiva with His strong loving energy came next and boy! I’m sure I had a big smile on my face then.
Last but not least, was Babaji, Who picked me up and emerged me in his heart…. And there I remained engulfed surrounded filled with pure Love. Awesome!
I did not want to leave.
Thank you Kamalji for this yet one more amazing experience.


I Am!

The Wesak meditation was a very powerful experience for me. As we started the meditation I felt for the setting up of sacred space we all stepped in to a huge amethyst geode. It was beautiful.

During the whole meditation, I felt like I was in a vortex of energy. Very strong and high vibrations. All the higher beings who came to bless us instead to fading away, they merged with us. The beautiful Wesak valley is still in our memory shots. Thank you Kamal Aunty for this lovely experience.

Love & light


The wesak meditation was a beautiful experience! I Felt myself in the Wesak  valley with all my Lhsg sisters. I saw a huge crowd of light workers with us . The whole atmosphere was charged with love and joy as if there was a festivity going on. When lord Buddha came down to bless us all I could see was brilliant golden light and felt utter peace.When mother Kwan yin came I saw beautiful luminous blue light. It’s Difficult to describe the colour because I have never seen that neon blue colour -love was just pouring out of her. Lord Shiva came with very very vibrant energies! I felt as if every particle within and outside was vibrating with his joyous energies. When Babaji came -I felt him sitting right in front.his face was very clear and I felt a beautiful connection . Had a beautiful conversation with him ! The whole experience was really amazing and left me completely speechless ! Thank you Kamalji  for the beautiful meditation .Thank you my Lhsg sisters for your beautiful energies!   Love and light!


LHSG Kenya External

Dear Kamal aunty

Thank you for joining at West House Hotel on 5th May and leading us on a lovely Wesak Meditation and blessing the waters of the river at West House. We all enjoyed it.

My experience during the meditation ;-

I could feel the swift in the energy as in.. it was getting cold …I also saw the water from the crystal bowl and saw many Divine beings and  light workers who had joined with us in the Wesak valley. I saw many of us drinking the blessed water from the crystal bowl which was turning liquid golden while everyone was drinking.

Thank you , it felt so nice and we are so blessed  to receive all the love n light blessings from lord Buddha and Mother Kwan yin, Lord Shiva, Father Jesus , Babaji of the Himalayas and many other divine light beings.

It was a fantastic idea  to bless the waters of the river at the West House.

We are so honored and blessed to have this opportunity for seva.

It turned out to be a beautiful, love and light filled morning with yoga, meditation and being by the river and blessing the waters.

Thank you for all that you do, for guiding us and also giving us the opportunity.

much love n light always , in all ways


LHSG India

I am!

Wesak Meditation was really very deep and engrossing….have felt the valley..the huge water bowl and have witness thousands of souls like thousands of sparkling light point..Probably now am able to feel the group consciousness in true seance till now. May be in future will able to experience more..from Monica aunty”s post we have come to know that you have kept separate chair for us..yes aunty we are etherically always connected with you..and you always embrace us with all your love….

Love you


Dearest kamal aunty.

I Am.

As i look back at my journey , of all 4 years ….
First time when I had done wesak medi , it went all above my head , visuals were poor…
Next time it was.much better ,,,.but.yesterday meditation was beyond words …
Happened to meet Gautam Buddha .. ,, the interpretation given by have gone by., spc his locked curly hair ,,.to he looked very.different.from.the pics which he is shown as.!!!
It was a.meditation of full knowing that everything is connect….
I could.see all beings woven in the web of life ,,, attached to one thread but having different journeys….

I also saw all members of Lhsg ,,, spc our hearts breathing with oneness n peace ..
Beautiful sight …

Thank you kamal aunty ..
May my.mother earth shine in love …
May all beings wake.up and realise we are one family .
Love n light .



I Am .

The weishak meditation went really well.

We started @2.30pm.There were 15 of us including myself.Everone felt really good & the energy in the room was really high. AFew of them shared their experience.

Bhartiben had visited the Wesak Valley last year so her experience  was realy good & she was so exited  to be there again.she could see lord shiva lord buddha kwan yin blessing us.

Lekha has alredy started her journey to the valley for last two weeks.Every time she shuts her eyes or meditating or in deep thoughts or healing she felt she was in with monks & sages.she drank tons &tons of blessed water.

Pritiben doesnt know who babaji is but when the c d reached the part about babaji she was covered n a blast of bright white light.

Surbhi saw all outline of the gods but she really could see kwan yin very clearly.she felt so much peace & energy was very high.

Myself, my experience was so so good i started the journey as soon as the cd started.

So lord bhuddha,lord shiva babaji & kwan yin. The valley was really packed with sages & monks & the whole area had a blanket if white light covering the whole valley like a canepe.

The whole room was full if higher beings. Took me a long time to come out of the meditation it was so beautiful.

Thank you

Love & light


Hello all

For the wesak meditation, we gathered together at benas house.

As we began the meditation, I found myself with a big crowd of monks clad in burgundy!  Everyone was headed towards an opening in the valley just as kamal Bhabhi says on the meditation cd.

I saw A form arrive which turned into Lord Buddha, he exuded beautiful calm energy and golden light. We were there as a group , Lhsg, and he bestowed his blessings upon us.

This form faded and Lady Master Kwan Yin arrived, again very calm and releasing loving energy; she then blessed us all with the water , which I later realised was from the water carrier she has with her!

It’s difficult to describe the feel and taste of that water but it was exquisite!

Kwan Yin faded and Lord Shiva arrived, followed by Babaji

I then saw beings clad in white robes ‘floating’ around above the crowd, adding to the magical but serene atmosphere.

Then gradually , it all faded, leaving me with a truly blessed feeling, impossible to describe.

It was fantastic to also know that my fellow LHSG members were there too !!  Brothers and sisters travelling together on our spiritual journey!

Thank you Bhabhi for the recording, time and effort and the opportunity you created in making this happen

Love and light






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  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    It feels great reading everyone’s experiences. All this is so uplifting. Meditations such as this are always more powerful when conducted in a group of like minded people who progress in spirituality together. I find a vast difference between doing it alone and doing it with the group.
    Thank you Kamal for now most of us are never alone when sitting to meditate, we will always have the etheric presence of our LHSG members with us, whichever corner of earth we are upon.

  2. Nicole says:

    Wow. Amazing. I can feel the energy just by reading the stories and watching the video. Thank you for sharing. I am glad to hear so many had such memorable and powerful meditations.

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