LHSG 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Mumbai Seva 3

On 17th September, India member Kamini and I went to a Cow Shelter called Panjrapole in Mumbai. There were lots of cows, calves and a couple of bulls. They were in their sheds, with plenty of room to walk around in the yard. Also some birds, ducks, and rabbits that had been ill or hurt. These were in enclosures with a wire front. They are treated there and then released into their natural environment.

We blessed them with Reiki … fed the cows some grass, patted their heads and blessed them with Reiki too. As the Reiki flowed to them, the birds stopped their twittering, and more of them sort of lined up on their perches to receive, the sick ducks waddled to the front, the cows came forward and watched us expectantly….. no further proof needed that they loved the energy!

We even said Ho oponopono to the animlas, and on behalf of all humanity, we apologized to them, and by extension, to all animals on earth for the abuse, cruelty and neglect they have suffered. The number of cows in this shelter has increased to 5 fold since the ban on cow slaughter in Mumbai. We gave thanks to the Universe for the opportunity to love these animals.

Kamal Tolia


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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you for visiting Panjrapole and for performing reiki on the animals. It is good to know Mumbai has banned cow slaughter.

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