LHSG 10th Anniversary Seva 4

Tiruvannamalai Seva

On 23rd September the Lotus Healing Seva Group Kenya, India, UK were privileged to give Reiki to the animals and teach Reiki to 5 people of the Arunachala Animal Shelter in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. The Shelter was started by Leslie Robinson, initially to house the dog population of Tiruvannamalai that was going to be eradicated by the government. Over the years it has become a sanctuary and healing place for dogs, cats, monkeys birds and other animals. LHSG Reiki healers were Kamini (India), Mala, Indu, Lekha, Bijan, Neha, Anita, Bharti, Vilas and Bharti (all from UK), and Rashmeen, Sheela, Baiju, Lata, Nalina, Mamta, Bubbles, Yatinder, Anuradha and Kamal (all from Kenya).

The Lotus Group members walked around the yard blessing the over 160 dogs walking around, then on to the very sick dogs, a few cats and monkeys, in the inner enclosures to give hands on healing and beam Reiki to them.

For the Reiki training, a kennel was chosen! The dogs in the kennel were moved out and it was cleaned thoroughly. Then, with the background noisy barking of dogs, Mamta, Mala and Kamal set about teaching Dr R. Rajasekaran, Uma Eswaran, J Suguna, R. Raja and P Vishwanathan the first level of Reiki inside the kennel!

After they finished self healing, the new Reiki healers went to the very sick animals to give them Reiki healing. Dr. Raja said Reiki helped him diagnose the source of the problem in the dog he was healing!

Seeing the animals suffering so much touched our hearts, especially as they cannot express their feelings. Even as we gave Reiki to the animals, we said ‘Ho’oponopono to them and asked for their forgiveness. And we once again gave our thanks to the Universe for giving us yet another opportunity to share our Love and Light with these animals.

Before leaving, we donated INR 40000 to the Animal Shelter.

Please read Mamta’s account of this seva and do watch the photos and videos below.

Kamal Tolia

Mamta …. The seva aspects of our trip were the perfect balance to complete and fulfill our Spiritual aspect of the trip. The Universe brought forward the perfect placesa dn opportunities! At the Arunachala Animal Shleter in Tiruvannamalai our group members healed the animals. We could feel the pain of some of the animlas that were very sick, injured and abused. 

Kamalji, Malaji and I taught 5 members of their staff Reiki 1 in a kennel! They were very good at it, and knew exactly when to move their hands i.e. when the Reiki was done! After the self healing session, Kamalji asked them to try Reiki on the sick animals. The results were amazing!. Dr. Raja actually diagnosed the problem of the dog based on the parts that were taking more Reiki

PHOTOS vedio https://youtu.be/C4zgSLfEVfI  

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  1. Nicole says:

    I am so moved by the work you did at the Arunachala Animal Shleter in Tiruvannamalai. Thank you so much, and thank you, too for the donation. I visited in December 2013 and was so thankful for the compassionate staff and the haven they provide to animals. It is so good to see photos of the staff receiving reiki training, and to see reiki performed on the animals. Thank you, LHSG.

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