LHSG 10th Anniversary Celebrations Seva 5

Seva No. 5. Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Our next seva was on 27th September. We were introduced to a shelter for the homeless a few kilometers away from the busy, bustling city of Madurai by Rashmeen’s friend Purni.

In 2004, a young man named Edison was moved at the sight of homeless people in town. He decided to make a meal for them. This philanthropic act did not stop there. He continued making meals for them every day. Soon the numbers increased to such an extent, that he could not cope alone. People started to donate to his feeding programme, but Edison soon realized that feeding them was not enough. They needed to be looked after in a bigger way …. And in a short time, Hands of Compassion Trust was born. A kind philanthropist donated his land with two sheds to this kind effort of Edison. Today, the Trust houses about 68 men, young and old, some physically and or mentally challenged. These are picked up from the streets and railway stations where they are found abandoned, uncared for and unloved.

Lotus Healing Seva Group set about sharing their Love and Light with these souls. In the open air, under the refreshing aura of a neem tree we gave Reiki healing to those who were able to walk to the tree. For those who could not walk, we went up to their shed, and once again, in the open air gave them a Reiki treatment. Some of us became emotional as our hearts filled with gratitude for the privilege of being a part of their lives even if for a couple of hours.

We also gave Reiki treatments to the founder of the home Edison, the main volunteer Bharathi, our drivers Tirupathi and Sabeer and our friend Purni. Bharathi was so impressed with the healing power of Reiki that he decided on the spot that he wanted to learn it. Accordingly, later in the day, Mamta and Kamal attuned him to Reiki level 1.

The LHSG Sevaks that did this seva were Kamini (India), Mala, Indu, Lekha, Bijan, Neha, Anita, Bharti, Vilas and Bharti (all from UK), and Rashmeen, Sheela, Baiju, Lata, Nalina, Mamta, Bubbles, Yatinder, Anuradha and Kamal (all from Kenya)

Mamta had this to say … ‘ Healing the old people at the Compassionate Hands Centre was an overwhelming experience. They felt great after the session and even came back asking for more hands on healing ……’

Do watch the pictures below which say it all and the video at the end …..

Kamal Tolia



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3 Responses to LHSG 10th Anniversary Celebrations Seva 5

  1. Shariffa says:

    Every time LHSG members touch and reach out,we know in our hearts that a ripple effect is created.
    Knowing that positive ripples are vibrating out leaves a warm feeling, the speaker felt it
    So do the givers !!

  2. Nicole says:

    Wow, this is so amazing. Thank you so much for all you do, LHSG – and Edison.

  3. Bharathi Rajan R says:

    Really Wonderful Experience!

    Practicing Reiki is great feeling..
    I feel like a lot of energy blocks have been removed and I am able to connect more my inner voice & peace by practising Reiki. Immense thanks, blessing and love during Reiki. Its working ….. Thanks to Lots Seva team from Kenya.

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