LHSG 10th Anniversary Celebrations Seva 8

Seva No. 8

Manisha Bahrus LHSG India, Kolkatta


Gratitude to universe and Kamal aunty for believing in us that we could spread the knowledge of forgiveness here.
On 18th October 2015, being an auspicious day of panchami… The India, Kolkata LHSG group did an Ho’oponopono Forgiveness workshop .
We were 18.of us in total, started the session at sharp 3pm. And it got over by.5.30 followed by some food . We distributed cds to everyone of hooponopono.
It was nice to see mostly youngsters in this batch . They understood every word n could connect .
For me its been a very big moment.
Since the time I have got married and come 14 years now, never had any kind of.party or guests coming in .
This was a first big get together and it was all that my spirit wanted to reach out to many people for awakening
Gratitude to all .
Blessings . Love n light .


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  1. Nicole says:

    I am so touched by Manisha’s story. It is so humbling and inspiring that she chose to benefit others as the purpose of her first party at her home. I hope many people see this and are also inspired to do the same.

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