LHSG 10th Anniversary Donation

Sanitary Napkins Donation to HAGEP — part of 10th Anniversary Celebrations

The founder and Director of HAGEP (Hope Alive Girls Empowerment Program) Ms.Catherine Adhiambo Andrew visited us at a LHSG, Thursday meeting on 24th September at the residence of LHSG member Neena Gupta.

She was presented with 39 cartons of Sanitary Napkins worth KSh 20,500/- for the girls in Kakamega in Kenya, whom this organization provides with the supply of Sanitary Napkins for the whole year. Thus the girls can continue with their schooling unhindered by lack of sanitary care during their periods.

Catherine informed the group that their organization is registered as a charitable organization. They announce this project of collection via various helping hands such as ours once a year and gather enough stock to cater for the girls under their care in Kakamega for the whole year.

Our donation of 39 cartons consisted of each carton containing 16 pkts of napkins so we gave a total of 624 packets which will benefit 54 girls for a year.

Love and Light

Monica Gokaldas LHSG Founder Member

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  1. Nicole says:

    I am so glad to hear the young women will receive these necessary goods. Thank you, LHSG.

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