LHSG 10th Anniversary Celebrations Seva 9

On Friday 30th October, LHSG India Surat member Sanskriti got together 15 children from her neighbourhood to do a simple but very effective seva! Read on ….

The children were aged between 5-14 years.
I taught them the power of charging water. And that water is one of the strongest energy conducter.
We charged the water by chanting Om 21 times….and Gayatri Mantra 3 times. We even touched the plants and blessed them by chanting Om 3times to each plant and tree out there… Then we poured the charged water in the plants and shrubs and trees in the compound.
I explained to them that whenever someone is ill at home they can do this meditation of charging water and giving this high energy water to that person..it will really help them.
Also told that right now if they have some exam fear they can charge water for themselves and drink it….it will heal their fear…they all said they will surely do all that was taught to them today.

Sanskriti Punjabi

Photos seva 9

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