LHSG 10th Anniversary Celebrations Seva 11

On 29th October, LHSG carried out its 12th Seva ….. Taking 44 Reiki 1 boys and girls from the Mukuru Slums to Reiki level 2! The place was small, They were all cramped, It was sweltering heat. But we did it! Sheela conducted the training, assisted by Rashmeen, Deepa and Bubbles.
Pleases read on for Sheela’s report and Deepa’s composition. And do look at the photos ….

Kamal Tolia

Mukuru Reiki Camp.

After careful preparations for the last few days on all the details that had to be followed for the Reiki camp today in Mukuru, I finally felt ready and all set to conduct this camp. I was to teach the Reiki II group with Rashmeen, Deepa and Bubbles assisting.

The morning started with the usual Nairobi traffic compounded with rain. None of this dampened our spirits and we reached Mukuru on time. There were 44 students for Reiki II and 58 students for Reiki I.
Josephine had already separated the groups and started the registration. We quickly organised ourselves accordingly and started relatively on time.

My faith in Reiki once again sailed me through the whole process. Having assisted Mamta previously twice, I tapped on this experience and with a silent prayer, started teaching. The students were young adolescent boys and girls. They were excited,eager and enthusiastic. I found all my nervousness disappear and with Rashmeen, Deepa and Bubbles with me, I began to enjoy the whole experience. The students were receptive and after the attunement, they noticed the power of the symbols that they could now call upon. The various healing exercises that they learnt and practiced, reaffirmed how empowered they were now. Lunch was received with gratitude by all and as always, delicious.

The session after lunch began without any incidents. The exercise about the “Reiki box” was a popular one where the students could not stop adding their requests. It was exciting to notice their realisation on how liberating it was to give Reiki healing for various reasons, events, scenarios, plants, animals, objects, pass, present, future time frames, ect, ect. They embraced their level II Reiki ability so completely that it was humbling to be part of their experience.

My gratitude to all my Lotus sisters for all your assistance in every way; Kamalji for your guidance and confidence in me and Reiki for making this seva a successful one.

Sheela Shah

We were there in time
Ready to give back to society
Share our knowledge
Of this supernatural power

They were there too
Of their own will or asked to?
Peer Pressure or simply curious?
Some huddled together some spreading for more space!

Sheela started to share the knowledge
They stared her in the eye and said,
‘What can you teach us,
That life hasn’t already?

We said, ‘kids let’s make a circle’
They said, ‘we are not kids!’
We said, ‘to us you are!’
They said, ‘our lives never let us be!’

We asked them questions
One or two replied
Others had more to share amongst themselves
Less with us

For we were foreigners
Outsiders who had it all!
We wore sketchers on our feet
They wore torn socks and muddy gum boots!

In the sweltering heat
Many continued to wear their sweaters
For to remove these would mean
Showing off dresses without buttons, t shirts with holes

Were we mad to leave our luxuries
And stand in soggy black cotton?
Amidst the unbearable stench of urinals
Dodging cockroaches scurrying around?

Oh lord, why must there be such a difference –
Between those who must have
And those who have not?
We are all your creation

As the hours ticked by
Some saw sense in the teachings
Others grew restless
And nudged each other for pens, pencils, water bottles, any excuse!

But we were persistent
We were here to share
Our miracle knowledge – REIKI
If keenly applied could change their plight!

The little brown bags were given out
The reiki boxes they were to be
All the requests rolled in
Now they could see the gain

All were keen to write their requests
Many wanted more time
In a circle they earnestly prayed
Understanding the power in numbers!

And now the camp had ended
Perhaps, all too soon?
We felt jubilant!
The experienced Reiki Master had achieved the goal!

Forty Four attuned to Reiki Level 2
Under the swealtering heat of the Mabati roof
We had given them a tool
To be and have what they wanted

For their highest good!
For our highest good!

Deepa Shah


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  1. Nicole says:

    Beautiful poetry, which said more than any photo could. Thank you for sharing and for leading the trainings.

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