Forgiveness Workshops

What does Forgiveness mean?
What does Letting Go mean?
Is it easy to forgive?
Is it easy to let go?
What does not letting go do to us?

Kamal Tolia held a number of talks and workshops on Forgiveness between March and May at her house, in Mamta Advani’s house and in Sylvie Campaigne’s beautiful Planet House hall. The audiences varied in age, from 10 to 70 + years.

At the beginning they were divided into groups. Each group was given questions to discuss. After 20 minutes, a representative from each group presented their collective answers. This was followed by Kamal expounding on the intricacies of forgiving at all levels of our personality and taking responsibility for our own happiness.

Many thanks to Mamta and Sylvie for the use of their places for these workshops.

Photos and Videos:

Photos from the workshop at Kamal’s house:

20100501 – Forgiveness Workshop at Kamal's


Photos from the workshop at Planet House:

20100501 – Forgiveness Workshop at planet House


Videos from the workshop at Kamal’s House

Videos from the workshop at Mamta’s House

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