Youth Group news – July 2010

Reiki Project by Kunali Gohil 16 years, Reiki 3A Master

Healee (person on whom healing was done)
Sunita Aunty Shah

Bad constant backache
Cannot sleep lying down, has to sleep in a sitting position
Cannot bend
Had given up on everything because of her back and thought it was the end of her life (negative thoughts)

Experiences while healing
The whole month of April 2010, I sent her healing everyday and the Reiki kept flowing for about 20 – 30 mins. As I would do the distant healing, my hand would shake so much and a lot of energy flowed.
During the month I also sometimes did hands on healing on her for about 3 sessions and during these times the energy would flow for about 45 mins, only on her back! She said she really enjoyed it and that she felt good.

The Results
Sunita Aunty is my friends aunt. On 3rd May, my friend told me that her aunt was feeling much better, and that I could stop sending her Reiki. I was so happy, I started jumping for joy. But I did not know exactly how Reiki had helped her aunt.
So on 7th May, I called up Sunita Aunty to ask how Reiki had helped her. She told me that her pain had reduced so much, she could now sleep flat on her back, and she could bend. She said it took long (I guess because of her negativity) but it had made a big difference!
Then I told her to be more positive and that I would send still send her Reiki until the pain went away completely.

She was very happy and grateful, but I guess I was more happy than she was!!!

Reiki Project by Simran Lakhani 10 years, Reiki 3A Master

Healee (person on whom healing was done)
Dimple Lakhani (my Mum)

Alopaecia and mental stressWhen you have alopaecia your hair starts falling a lot. I sent my mum Reiki for 4 weeks. Her falling hair became much less and she felt much better. Her stress has reduced a lot and she feels so light! All thanks to Reiki.

The Youth Group Heals Pluto!

5th June 2010

Pluto, a daschund was brought to our Youth Group meeting by his owner Mamta Advani for healing for a middle ear infection.

The poor dog had been suffering for many months. He could not even open his mouth properly due to the pain!

But Pluto had come to the right place!
The children simply loved giving him hands on healing! They just couldn’t get enough of patting him, playing with him, and giving Reiki to him! So many loving hands all over his body! And Pluto played up to them all, lying still while receiving Reiki, jumping up for ‘treats’ etc.

Truly, Pluto was the star of the day!

Photos and video:

20100605 – Healing Pluto





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