LHSG Expands

We have been having Reiki camps for 3 years. This has produced 3 generations of Reiki Masters. Some of them joined the LHSG, but others who wanted to, could not participate on Thursdays as they have regular jobs.

And so it is that to accommodate such ardent and enthusiastic healers, the idea of having Lotus Healing Seva Group (Saturday) was conceived. It was started in late January with 7 people, but after the February Reiki 3A camp, the numbers swelled to 17!!!

The Saturday group meets once a month. But that does not deter them from participating with full commitment and sincerity. They too have signed up for our healing network, which involves sending healing energy to emergency requests as needed. In the near future, we plan to go upcountry to feed orphans and give hands on Reiki to them.

Please join me in welcoming Tejal Gohil, Shobhna Kantaria, Ranjan Patel, Vaishali Patel, Naila Omar, Fhanreet Birdi, Shamim Akhtar, Hardeep Giddie, Irene Kathukya, Hema Lumb, Ushmata Kumbharana, Reena Shirodkar, Krishna Rawal, Dipti Shah, Linda Ombogo, Harsha Gohil and Nishma Haria.

In addition, Orly Yaniv and Mrs Kamlesh Giddie have also joined the Thursday Group!
Welcome all to the Lotus Healing Seva Group family!

The LHS(Y)G also expands!!

New member Aleena Rupani joined the Youth group early this year, and April saw the addition of newly qualified Reiki Masters Bhavik Kumbharana, Kunali Patel, Brij Gohil, Ashvi Gohil and Simran Lakhani. A very warm welcome to all!!

The youth Group is all a buzz with new projects to do in Reiki, one of them being going to the Animal Orphanage in Nairobi to heal the animals there!

The total number of Youth Group members is 10. All are serious healers. They heal all on the LHSG list every Wednesdays at 9 pm from their own homes!! They meet physically once a month to do the same as a group. In addition they are on the Group’s network of healers that send healing to emergency requests as and when the need arises.

What a wonderful way to do Seva!!


Please see our members section for photos.


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