An Introduction To Reiki At the Hindu Council Offices

The Lotus Healing Seva Group was invited to give an Introductory talk on Reiki to members of the Hindu Council, Nairobi.

This took place on 3oth July 2016. To an audience of approximately 30 + people. I spoke of the History of Reiki, how it heals at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and is thus a holistic system of healing.

While the talk was going on, we did healing too for those who wanted it. The reactions of the healees were as predicted … they reported feeling free of their pains, stress, tiredness, etc …. all after only a 15 minute free session!

At the end, questions were asked and answers given, and many myths concerning Reiki healing were cleared ….. YOU DONT USE YOUR OWN ENERGY WHEN HEALING , YOU DONT GET TIRED WHEN YOU GIVE REIKI HEALING, AND YOU DO NOT PICK UP ANYBODIES ENERGY WHEN HEALING!

The LHSG Sevaks that took part in this Seva were: Yatinder, Pratima, Lata, Monica and myself. And a special commendation goes to our youngest members of the Group: 12 year old Khushi Samani, and 11 year old Arya Joshi, who did this seva by giving free Reiki healings to members of the audience. They were very new Reiki channels, having completed Reiki level 1 only 3 days ago!

Our gratttude to Hindu Council Cultural and Religious Committee members Sujata Kotamraju and Aradhana Trivedi who organised this event.

Please do watch the pictures below.

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member,

Lotus Healing Seva Group

Photo Gallery:

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  1. Nicole says:

    How nice that young people participated and gave healing.

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