LHSG’s 104th Reiki Camp!

Lotus Healing Seva Group has been like a steam engine whistling away on its tracks with no sign of stopping anytime soon! Our July calendar was full …. What with A Reiki Awareness and Free Healing Stand at the BK Wings of Energy Expo, A Free Reiki healing morning at the Raj Yoga Centre, A Reiki 1 camp at Makimei Childrens Home, a Reiki Awareness and Free Healing talk at the Hindu Council Centre, another Reiki 1 camp at the Raj Yoga Centre.  Hardly had we caught our breath, when another opportunity to empower more people with Reiki healing energy came along.

And so it is that on 4th August 2016, Sevaks Mamta and Pratima set out to the Mukuru Outreach Centre  in Mukuru Sinai slums of Nairobi to conduct a Reiki 1 camp. We were told that there would be 20 youngsters who had finished the tailoring / computer courses at the centre who were interested in learn Reiki. But as you will read below, the number who actually came were 28! Some of them came late, so they had to be given a crash course and a quick attunement by Pratima while Mamta carried on the teaching the others.. Having experienced this challenge in other camps before, they were sort of prepared!

Some of the trainees were mums with infants, which had to be fed periodically ….. Well, what can I say? Another challenge for Lotus Healing Seva Group members …. Challenges only serve to increase our resolve to teach at all costs, under all conditions.

To put it simply, wherever, whenever people express a desire to train in Reiki, LHSG rolls up its sleeves and gets to work!

Our thanks go to Martina Lordan, the founder of Mukuru Outreach Centre for allowing us to teach at the Centre and to Mercy, the manager of the Centre who organized the event.

Please do read Mamta’s account below and see the pictures that follow.

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member,

Lotus Healing Seva Group


Our LHSG Reiki 1 camp at Mukuru today was a great success!

We had 28 students instead of 20 ! Though we were thrilled about it, It was quite a challenge for Pratima and I to manage that number in the small room plus 5 little babies!!

Adding to the challenge, 6 of the students walked in after the attunement so had to be attuned by Pratima while I continued with the self healing.

All the students were good healers and very happy with the gift of Reiki !

Another very satisfying Sewa for Pratima and me!

Mamta Advani,


Lotus Healing Seva Group


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2 Responses to LHSG’s 104th Reiki Camp!

  1. Nicole says:

    Wonderful work. Thanks in particular for your efforts in Mukuru.

  2. Shariffa says:

    Young children are filled with Divine spiritual wisdom. LHSG members know this. They get down on the floor and be with them at their level. . Look them directly in the eye and speak to them not as an equal, but as a student inquiring of a spiritual master. A child who feels safe and adored is much more likely to speak of their own unique inner knowings about the world beyond this physical domain.
    No obstacle can deter the LHSG.

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