More Little Reiki Healers in the World!

The Makimei Childrens Home in Githurai, Nairobi, was the place of Reiki training on 25th August 2016. 20 children and their school teacher were trained by LHSG Sevak Punita Acharya, assisted by sevaks Monica Gokaldas, Srinidhi Rao, and Grace.

This was our 104th Reiki camp!  To date we have trained 2292 individuals in Kenya, Canada, UK, UAE, India and Australia!

Please read on below and watch the pictures and video clips!

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member, LHSG


Makimei Reiki 1 camp 25th August

The Makimei childrens’ home was just another out of this world experience.  The children were so receptive and excited to learn Reiki. These 10 to 15 year olds were all ready and eager to have this beautiful tool at hand.  As the day progressed I was extremely happy to see that they all had grasped the main concept of “healing”.

They were all so well disciplined, kept time as lunch was only half an hour, since too much time was spent on self- healing, and the best part was that they all were so happy to learn. I’m so grateful to have had a chance to teach Reiki on such an auspicious day when Lord Krishna was born! It felt so good teaching these lovely “Bal Gopal ‘s” ( little Krishna ‘s) Reiki!


Founder Member, LHSG


I feel very blessed to have been a part of this camp. When we arrived at the Makimei Children’s Home, I was struck by how many children were in such a small space. Nevertheless they are some of the brightest and happiest I have ever met. As the camp began they listened attentively, while we taught them about Reiki in a tent outside. During the attunement the sun shone over us casting a warm and reassuring glow. The children then shared their experiences and practiced healing themselves. After a quick lunch the children gave healing to each other. We then further explained how reiki could benefit them in their lives and urged them to practice on themselves as well as others. They thanked us. As we left I was filled with infinite gratitude and contentment; a gift that only comes from giving.


Member LHSG


Our Reiki camp at Makimei children home : It was an amazing experience for me as all the children were so eager to learn and their ability to grasp and remember was very high. Being at the camp was a learning to me as no matter what background one comes from, the willingness to learn and acquire knowledge has no bearing to it. Attitude is the only characteristic important in one’s life to make it a success!

Srinidhi Rao

Member LHSG


Heart touching their silence

Became our LHSG observation

As we entered the Makimai Home

And the place to us was shown

Infants, babies so very little

Covered cosy in warm blankets

All scattered around in a room

On the bed, the couch and even

On the floor

As we made way through the door

Missing were the rocking cradles

Or the luxuries of my childhood

I wondered whose little kids were these

And how could their mothers be at peace

Having left them alone to survive

Causing their motherhood a deprive

Were they cruel, were they unjust?

Were they dead or bowed to painful thrust?

Mama Margaret became their mum and dad

Be it a little girl or a young lad

Nurtured in her calming care

With running noses they stare

Silently gaping from the lap or their chair

Happiness comes to them with a dare

As we move ahead to the tent

Obedience displays with no dent

The students big and small gather all

Pulling chairs and lining up them all

To the unwalled tented walls

21 of them to be precise

They seated themselves with unseen pride

Of singing praises in prayer form

Poverty to them is not a storm

With cheerful faces full of life

Their energy immense knew no strife

Quick to learn, so very smart

God gifted is their craft and art

Being educated to the healing Reiki

By Punita with a disciplined making

Their grasping ability very vast

Calculating healing time, not moving fast

And did I mention that we didn’t observe

The very auspicious Janamashtmi fast

Observing the Birth Anniversary of Krishna

Him being our Hindu Divine Lord

Grace, Punita, Nidhi and I,Monica

Observed this pious day so Divine

By worshiping Krishna in anew form

This African Form of little kids

Who are divine in their Kenyan spirit

Purity of heart and thought

In their eyes we have caught

The true celebration of a festival

Is this joy of making it a Reiki-Val

And watching with delight the children

Practicing Healing on themselves

And their friendly partners

Some little imps playing pranks

Others silently giving thanks

Learning the attitude of gratitude

With healing that has no substitute

Mark and Henry the older boys

Correcting and guiding younger girls and boys

The positioning of hands appropriate

At the chakras back and front

The meridians too with hands so warm

The healers and the healees with charm

Giving and receiving the Reiki gift

Enjoying burgers, cakes and milk

Playing football in their break

Oozing with energy

So very real, not a fake

They chirped like birds at some lake

Yet serious lessons they did take

Some so young got tired

They wished to sleep, on chairs retired

The day so relaxing needed more break

As the warm sun broke into a heat spell

They needed to quench the parching throats

In the tent so ventilated yet hot

A drink of water midway was required

Satiated they quietly then returned

Back in action to practice the art

Of newly learnt Reiki craft.

Monica Gokaldas

Founder Member, LHSG


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2 Responses to More Little Reiki Healers in the World!

  1. Shariffa says:

    What a wonderful celebration
    In true Krishna consciousness
    Giving a gift of Krishna’s crown
    As little hands on every little head
    Giving to themselves and friends
    Unconditional seva at young age

    Spreading joy, love and light
    On an auspicious day too
    Coming together where amenities
    Mattered not as heart of children
    Go beyond these in the presence
    Of the giving from LHSG members
    Unconditional seva at a young age
    Bravo, Bravo Bravo Aaah Bravo.

  2. Nicole says:

    The smiles on the kids’ faces in these photos makes me smile. Thanks for all you do, LHSG.

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