LHSG Australia, Perth 11th Anniversary Donation Seva 1

Our Australia Perth Members did a donation Seva of Australian Dollars 450 to Dr. Jennie Connaughton for an organization called CINI Perth.

Raj Walia heads our LHSG Australia. Please read her account of this donation and to know more about this worthy cause.

Thank you Raj and all members of LHSG Perth for thinking of others and trying to make a difference in their lives!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Aum and Namaste!

Greetings from Perth!

On 15th October, we had our monthly meeting to which we had invited Dr. Jennie Connaughton. She told us all about her organization.

In 1975 she visited Thakupurkur, West Bengal, India. She was a medical student. She met a doctor and women who had sick children. She was amazed how the doctor was working from a small school building and insisting that women came with their children for hospitalisation.

She visited in 2008 to find how Cini had empowered women’s lives.

She is the co founder of Cini Perth and Cini now includes adolescents, community leaders and the government in finding ways forward and change the opportunity for poor children and women to be healthy, be educated and change their own world.

In the picture, Dr. Jennie Connaughton is lady in the front with the red shawl.

Her website is ciniaustralia.org

Thank you

Raj Walia

Head, LHSG Australia, Perth


Raj Walia (in the purple shirt), Dr. Jennie Connaughton and the LHSG Australia, Perth Members.


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  1. Nicole says:

    It is so wonderful that LHSG goes even beyond healing with reiki to heal people all over the world through other means and empowerment.

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