LHSG Kenya 11th Anniversary Seva No. 5

Christine came running to me and gave me a big hug. ‘I will be going to school next year!’ she told me excitedly. As I congratulated her, she went on to tell me that she had put this intention in her Reiki box since May this year, and now somebody was ready to sponsor her from January 2017!

Going to school was a wish come true for this young girl at Talia Agler Girls Shelter. It is one of the dreams of every girl that has been brought to this safe haven after being rescued from the hands of those who commit heinous crimes of trafficking, exploiting (child labour and child prostitution) and abuse. Other dreams are of being reunited with their parents.

This heartwarming news was an excellent start to Lotus Healing Seva Group’s Reiki training camps on 19th October at the Shelter. Seven girls that had completed Reiki level 1 earlier in the year were taught Reiki level 2 while 15 new girls were trained in Reiki level 1.

Mamta, assisted by Monica, Srinidhi, and Grace conducted the Reiki Level 1 camp and assisted by Anuradha, I conducted the Reiki level 2 camp. The girls were very eager to learn and quickly became proficient Reiki healers!

Our hearts went out to these young girls … some as young as 6 years …. Nobody should have to go through what these poor girls had gone through. It is LHSG’s hope that having been trained in Reiki, they will get to give themselves love every time they treat themselves even as they heal from their traumas. And of course, with Reiki in their life, miracles can happen to them like they have for Christine, changing their life miraculously!

We also brought smiles to their faces for other reasons. They loved the lunch of toasted vegetable sandwich, chapatti and milk and a gift bag containing an exercise book, a pen, a pencil, a pot of vaseline, a comb, and much needed underwears and slippers.

And so it is that we were greeted with smiles when we arrived and we were bid good bye with smiles when we left. But we left with something else too: Gratitude to the Universe for continuing to afford us these opportunities to touch others’ lives with Reiki!

Please read on and do watch the videos and pictures thatt follow.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


The Reiki camps today at TAGS for level 1 and 2 were a great success. I had 13 girls and a little boy for level 1. A Little girl called Grace (who had already done Reiki level 2 ) was also there to help us. Grace, Monica and Sriidhi were the volunteers with me while Kamal ji and Anuradha did Reiki level 2 with 7 girls.

The girls were very happy to learn and practice Reiki. They were shy and quiet in the beginning but began to open up later. They slept peacefully during the attunement and did self and partner healing very well!  They enjoyed their lunch and were super excited to receive gift bags from LHSG! It was an amazingly gratifying day for me!

Mamta Advani

LHSG Member


Once again a commemoration,

LHSG’s Anniversary celebration.

A multiple of Reiki camps 1 & 2,

At the girls’ shelter on 19th October .

The young ladies were unsure,

What lay for them in store.

Their lives had been through suffering ,

But now they were safe and felt secure,

Learning the gift of self healing,

For the betterment that they were craving.

Their innocent looks humbled us all,

Their silence spoke quite a lot.

Quick to learn, they turned to heal,

With the hands of reiki with a zeal.

Then there were others who knew reiki,

And progressed towards an enhancement,

A higher level of the healing advancement.

With the newly acquired symbols three,

They are now on a big healing spree.

Noting down some light & some intense requests,

Their Reiki Boxes aimed at wishes of fulfillment.

Humbled were sevaks of LHSG Nairobi,

As the little and growing ladies of TAGS,

Gulped down the toasted sandwiches,

Along with flatbreads and cups of milk,

And continued their practice of being healers.

That which becomes the anguish and injury peeler,

Sending thought healing to find their lost mothers,

Aiming their Reiki to continue school and find donors.

Excitement enthused the atmosphere,

When they received the friendly gesture,

Of getting gifts that LHSG brought for them.

Smiles broadened at peeping into packets,

Of stationery, sweets , combs & Vaseline ,

The day appeared to be that of Valentine.

The eyes had a bright twinkle in them,

At being gifted slippers and panties,

That brought some dignity and respect to them.

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member


This camp is a great experience most of the girls were writing for their Reiki box to see their mother back to eat good food and to go in a good school. It really touched my heart.

Anuradha Airtel

LHSG Kenya Member


TAGS Camp Experience: when we arrived at the centre, several of the girls ran up and hugged us. Their excitement was palpable. After a few introductory remarks on both sides the Camp began. I worked with Mamta di , Monica ji and Nidhi on the Reiki Level 1 Camp. The students were bright, alert, attentive and eager to learn. We had a little helper called Grace who was a Reiki Level 2 student. She became our teaching assistant and did so with the utmost enthusiasm. Throughout the class things went smoothly.  Whatever hurdles that arose, were quickly overcome. It was a beautiful day with lots of love and happiness. We welcome the new reiki healers into our family and pray that they use this gift to better themselves and serve others.  My gratitude for this seva experience.


LHSG Kenya Member






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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you, LHSG. I was touched, watching how patiently they waited for the gift bags. What a great gift idea, LHSG. And how exciting that Christine will start school in January thanks to a sponsor. I am so happy for her, and the sponsor.

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