Little Hands Speak From Their Hearts

A month ago, LHSG treated children from Sai Seva School from the Kawangare Slums of Nairobi to an outing in the Karura Forest. These had been trained in Reiki Level 2 a few months ago. One of the activities of the day was how to plant a tree the Spiritual way using Reiki. Please refer to LHSG Kenya 11th Anniversary Seva No 3.

Following are extracts from a few of the children’s (aged about 12 years) accounts of the fun day. They are pretty representative of most of the children’s thoughts and feelings. Do read on! It is hoped that they will carry the thoughts and experiences of the day with them all their lives and love and respect Mother Earth and all of nature and become responsible world citizens.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

Follet Onserio …. After breakfast of yoghourt and cake, we were given two bottles of water which had been blessed by Madam Bubbles … and they told us to make a line to go to plant trees .. before going to plant trees we were told a prayer to say to Mother Earth, asking her to forgive us for digging the soil. When we reached the place where the trees were to be planted, we blessed the tree with Reiki before planting it … after planting the tree we were told to go to a stream to bless it with Reiki and after that our sponsor told us to go and tell the trees ‘I LOVE YOU’ … Then we were back at the camp for lunch of mandazi, burger and milk …

Churchill Asuga … our group was led by Mrs Rashmeen. She took us to our tent where we had breakfast. Then each of us were given 2 bottles of wate. Then we were taught how to ask forgiveness from Mother Earth since we had dug the ground to plant trees …. I was very eager to know the way in which trees are planted. Before the planting our group leaders told us to bless the water before using it. Mrs Rashmeen taught us how to how to do it and we were happy since we wanted the trees to grow tall and strong …

Mavine Kinara … After having Yoghourt and cake we were taught how we should ask forgiveness from Mother Earth for hurting her when digging the holes to plant trees….. we were given 2 bottles of water (for the tree planting) … when we arrived at the planting place … trees were placed on the ground waiting to be planted … we planted a tree called Makemia Luteia .. we watered them and covered the top soil … we all wished them to grow healthy and big … we moved down to eh stream and poured a bottle of (Reiki) water as a sign of appreciation ….

Felix Lodechi …. We were given 2 bottles of water, one was for blessing the ground and the other one was for blessing the stream … we went first to the section where we were to plant the trees … we blessed the water (with Reiki)  … and told Mother Earth that we were sorry for digging into her … we then squeezed the soil in the polythene bag, then put it (the tree) into the ground, covered it with soil, and then poured the water we had blessed …we then went to the stream and blessed the water flowing and prayed for it to have the five values we learn in school ….

Afflech Onseiro … the forest was as beautiful as a rainbow .. we were advised how to plant a tree Makhamea Luteia … before planting, we asked forgiveness from Mother Earth for hurting her and saying that we love her. Then we put the plant into the soil and blessed it. … then we went to bless the stream that made my heart to melt with joy like butter exposed to heat. Every one of us smiled broadly ……

Mitchelle Areyo … After breakfast of yoghourt and cake which I enjoyed very much, a beautiful lady called Neena came and told us that she was going to plant trees .. to show that we love our environment … we blessed the water in bottles (with Reiki) and we wished for everything (good) in the water ….

Devis Mokua … we were welcomed by our Reiki teachers and we felt at home … had yoghourt and cake … we were told we would be planting trees .. but first of all we are asking forgiveness from Mother Earth because we are harming her through digging … then we planted the tree and gave Reiki to the tree … then we went to give Reiki to the river (stream) which connects with the rest of the world (the waters of the world) …

Sandra Ambisa Lourine … we were taught how to say sorry to Mother Earth for digging her and hurting her … we were also taught some nice words (qualities) to the trees we planted .. Our Group leader was Madam Rashmeen … we went to plant the trees … first we prayed to Mother Earth, planted the tree and gave Reiki to it .. then we went to the stream and also gave it Reiki ….

Precious Wakoli … when coming back from blessing the tree … we were asked by the group leader to go and hug the trees and say sweet word to them … WHEN I HUGGED A TREE, I FELT VERY NICE .. I FELT LIKE I WAS HUGGING MY OWN MOTHER! ..

Millicent Nyamoita … our group leader was Madam Rashmeen .. I was very happy to learn how to plant a tree, because I did not know this …. We first said sorry to Mother Earth because we disturbed her … each of us poured water in the hole, singing OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI … WHICH MEANS PEACE, PEACE, PEACE … after planting we marched to the stream and poured blessed water singing OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI … we blessed the stream which supplies water (is connected to) every river, ocean, and lake in the world …

Priton Jivini … the breakfast of Yoghourt and cake was so sweet … I wish I could be eating it every day .. now I know how to beg for forgiveness from Mother Earth and give her Reiki  …..

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  1. Nicole says:

    This is so sweet. Thank you for sharing the stories from the children.

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