LHSG India, Kolkata 11th Anniversary Event No. 3

Our India Kolkata Members do it again! Thank you dear members for sharing your love and light again!

Please read on for Arpita’s report and do see the pictures which say it all!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


It was marvelous ! LHSG Kolkata’s first free touch healing camp went very well..We were 5 healers (Manisha Bahrus, Sheelu Bahrus, Priyanka Nimavat, Sakshi Hemnani and I, Arpita Kundu). At the beginning our little Youth Group  member Yatish also added his energy..

The venue was Manisha’s house. She had made a beautiful alter in the hall. Light Buddhist meditation, crystals, aromatic agarbatti created the right ambiance for our journey, where almost everyone dozed off in great relaxation.

People who received healing today were Vinita Hemnani ,Vinita Raijada, Lavina Bahrus, Gangadhar Bahrus , Devi bhai , Renu Bahrus, Dilip Punjabi, Harsha Punjabi, Yatish, Gobind Bahrus  and Champa Sharma. We gave healing to all the major chakras, minor chakras and also at their problem area. All of them took it beautifully ….  said that after Reiki session they are feeling more calm, light and relaxed..Harsha Punjabi who took attunement in last week during our Reiki level 1attunement seva also joined Manisha for healing of her husband..it was really good..

We all were thrilled and excited for this seva..in little little steps we are reaching people that’s a big thing for us as it’s our life’s motto and with all our responsibilities and household work we are able to make it. Thank you all for your support and encouragement .

Love n Light!

Arpita Kundu

LHSG India, Kolkata Founder Member.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you for sharing this. While watching the slideshow I felt the healing energy myself. And how wonderful Yatish participated in the seva.

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