Crystal Seeding Seva

What happens when you charge a Crystal with positive qualities, affirmations and Ho’oponopono … and give it Reiki? What if you do this for 2 weeks and then bury this charged crystal in the ground or slip it into a water body? Further, what if you do this on a Full Moon Day / night?

The intentions put in the crystals are received by the Water Crystals and the Earth Crystals through the Crystalline Grids inside Mother Earth and her Waters! The energy of the Full Moon enhances these energies millions of times! And all those that live and breathe inside and on Mother Earth, automatically receive these very same vibrations through their electromagnetic field.

This is the principle that LHSG Kenya External members Tejal, Vaishali and Fhanreet had in mind when they proposed to do a worldwide Crystal Seeding Seva for LHSG’s 11th Anniversary.

The programming of the crystals with positive thoughts and affirmations was started on 6th November and continued everyday till 14th November, the day of the Super Full Moon, when the Moon was closest to the Earth since the last 70 years! With the magnified energies of the Super Full Moon also charging the seeded crystals, the whole crystalline grid lit up with the Love and Light of the intentions.

One Hundred and eleven people took part in this Seva, mostly LHSG members in different parts of the world, and some nonmembers. Crystals of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Malachite, Citrine to name a few were used in this Seva for seeding in in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Australia, Canada, Qatar, UAE, USA, UK, Austria, Mauritius, South Africa, and Fiji Islands. Those that didn’t have crystals used pebbles instead. They were buried in the Earth in gardens, in plant pots, in public places, and put into streams and rivers. The LHSG Kenya Thursday group consisting of Bindi, Sheela, Rashmeen and Gauri buried their crystals in the soil of Lenana Peak of Mount Kenya and other people did the same in the soil of the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!

Thank you to all who took part in this Seva. It is our belief that we have helped raising teh vibrations of all sentient beings!

Please read on for some of the members’ notes and do see the pictures of the world wide crystal seeding and the video clips that follow

Love and Light,

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.


I started it on 6.11.2016 & today, 14th November, I mom in law n son Yatish to do seeding .

Everyday we sat religiously following the steps , embeding the stones with power of compassion , love ,.kindness along with forgiveness prayer , helped us heal a part of us , and the universe in us . My mother in law did her prayers on malchite crystal ,.Kumar Bahrus did it on citrine crystal clearing all sacral blockages , where as myself.n yatish worked on a pebble which we had got from goa beach . It was amazing to see how my son daily would sit ,, what he loved doing was infusing all his desires that he has in the stone . Lol

On asking what are u asking from.mother earth ? Reply was

I need a PSP game.board … Anyways !

We did put in lot of affirmations of well being and wealth for ourselves n others.

Hoponopono helps us to do cleaning of

” letting go and letting god take care ”

May the feelings of resentment n pain on this earth be washed out ,, spc from the mind of all humans .

In deep gratitude .

Thank you

Love n light

Manisha Bahrus

LHSG India, Kolkata


Thank you very much for creating this sewa opportunity

I did my crystal seeding at the river Thames in Richmond, London, UK

I charged the crystal again today, 14th November and carried out my affirmations etc then asked the water if it was ok to place the charged crystal in its body

I got a hearty yes and as I placed the crystal in the water, I saw the entire river turn a beautiful sky blue and crystalline.

This spread to all the water in the UK, then the North Sea and  all the waters of the world and all of mother earth.

After 10 minutes, there was a very calm and light atmosphere all around


Love and light

Mala Tolia

LHSG Member, UK 



Photo Gallery

UK Videos

Nisha Popat

Joan Galligan

Kenya Videos

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2 Responses to Crystal Seeding Seva

  1. Raj Walia says:

    What a lovely seva we were able to do
    Thank you Mother Earth and the waters of the world to let us take part in doing something small for you.

  2. Kirti kamdar says:

    Namaste one and all,
    We here in mumbai were really excited to do this seva and loved every bit of it. Specially my maid, Dina, who also participated and learnt all from me as to how to do and she recited Gayatri Mantra while charging her pebbles. Thank you so much for coming uo with such a wonderful idea. Hope to do such seva more in future where we all are connected.
    Love and light,
    Kirti kamdar

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