A Time Out For Girls From Talia Agler Girls Shelter

In keeping with the tradition of celebrating our group’s anniversary with as many Seva opportunities that come our way LHSG members took ten girls from the Talia Agler Girls’ Shelter for their first ever outing trip.

The trip that was taken to Karura Forest had a a lot of significance:

  • The Girls from TAGS were going to have their first ever picnic /outing.
  • The Girls who had earlier been taught Reiki would be joining the LHSG family to do the usual Thursday Healing Meeting for the first time.
  • The LHSG members who had accomplished their Mountain climbing Endeavour a few days ago were to celebrated.
  • The most important part was to be the Tree Planting activity.
  • The TAGS girls would get to have their first formal meal at the River Café sharing their table with LHSG members.

The dedication and unconditional Love of LHSG was very evident as most of the members braved the weather and came prepared to make this event a success.

The happiness on the faces of the girls at getting attention was made verbal by a few of them who decided to be the spokes persons. They narrated their positive experiences of having practiced Reiki and how it had transformed their attitude towards life.

Once the healing was conducted, the mountain climbers among us were honoured. Cooky had brought in a cake to be cut by Bindi, Sheela, and Rashmeen which was relished by us all along with sips of hot tea from the flasks. This also became a time for familiarity between LHSG and the guests before we finally moved towards the deeper part of the forest where we had been allocated an area for tree planting.

The Karura staff had arranged our pre purchased plants and dug the holes. We guided the TAGS girls to first ask forgiveness from Mother Earth for hurting her by digging the hollow, giving Reiki, patting and pulling out the plant from the plastic cover which could be reused by the forest officials for future plantings. Then we led them to give Reiki energy and positive affirmations to the plant, covering up with the soil using our hands and pouring water with cupped hands while chanting OM Shanti.

The atmosphere seemed magical as all of us busy planting the trees in groups of threes and fours. The whole activity was carried out very smoothly with everyone caring for each other and providing support in the muddy terrain which was slippery at some places.  We gave names to our trees and took the responsibility of sending them Reiki healing till they grow up to be of our heights.

The walk back after a brief photo session was very energetic as everyone appeared charged up after the tree planting. We went to the luxurious ambience of The River Café for our lunch where we spread out to sit  in a manner that we all got to interact with the young ladies of TAGS as the day was dedicated to them. They spoke about their many firsts on the day and said that they were very happy to have sisters in LHSG who had shared their unconditional love with them.

The girls were quick to learn the Table etiquette once guided and enjoyed the lunch thoroughly. They spoke about how they felt special at being treated as an equal, at finally having visited the Karura Forest, at planting trees, at enjoying the vastness of nature and learning of its significance. Some were shy to begin with but gradually felt like family members and opened up to relate their stories of their background and their likes and dislikes. I felt very grateful at listening to them and like always thought about how much we take for granted and realize it only when we see the appreciation coming from others.

The girls gave us happy hugs and said they didn’t want to be separated from us as we left in the afternoon after gifting them the giveaway bags consisting of cosmetics and jewelry etc. contributed by members and carefully packed by Cooky.

The story is told in the pictures and videos below ….

Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Founder Member




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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much, LHSG. I particularly enjoy the stories of outings to Karura Forest, and how much it means to the children. I wish I could have been there for lunch with the young women. Thank you.

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