Another Reiki Camp at Makimei Children’s Home

This was my first time in Makimei. I was looking forward to meet all the children and finding out how Reiki has influenced their lives.

We, Nalina, Nidhi, Priya and I, arrived in good time and were happy to find the children waiting for us.

After all the introductions made, I inquired how Reiki has changed their lives and immediately a show of hands went up. They stated they were able to give themselves Reiki whenever they had a headache, tummy ache, back ache, etc. and were able heal themselves. They were also able to give Reiki to each other whenever it was needed.

It was wonderful to see the children confidently using Reiki in their everyday lives. With this feedback, I too felt confident they will embrace level II with equal vigour.

I was proved correct when most of them were able to graspand to draw the symbols accurately in a short time. They were not at all discouraged.

After attunement, they expertly started healing themselves, placing their hands correctly on the now familiar chakra positions. Slowly but surly we completed the whole healing process.

Right on cue we broke off for lunch which was received well. The number of people (adults and children) that did Reiki 2 were 23, but food was taken for all 60 children and staff of the centre.

After lunch, we went through all the different healing modalities. We sent Reiki to Dennis, a member of the home currently in hospital for nasal corrective surgery. We sent Reiki to different people using all these modalities. The Reiki box exercise was a clear favourite. Everyone was thrilled on the numerous possibilities the Reiki box presented. I also emphasised the power of group healing for all the common needs they had for their home. Since this was the only home and family they knew, all of them felt very connected to each other. It was humbling to see these “family ties”.

Before we knew it, the camp came to an end. With promises to keep up the self healing and the Reiki box healing, good byes were said and we left.

My gratitude to Nalina, Nidhi and  Priya for their valuable support, gratitude for this seva opportunity and gratitude to my Lotus family for all the Reiki sent for a successful camp.

Please watch the pictures that follow.

Love and light,

Sheela Shah

LHSG Kenya Member


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2 Responses to Another Reiki Camp at Makimei Children’s Home

  1. Makimei has done it again
    winning our hearts to love gain
    They practiced and learnt lessons new
    to fortify the healing to a level new
    Sheela, the teacher all smiles
    at keeping up the LHSG flag high
    Touching little lives that shall grow
    to be humans whom the world shall know.

  2. Raj Walia says:

    Brilliant work my great family.
    More and more seva.

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