LHSG Kenya Breaks Ground In Tanzania

In September, I was invited by Ayesha Samji of the NGO for Wellness Tanzania to introduce Reiki in her centre Mukti in Dar E Salaam.

This was a Great Opportunity for Lotus Healing Seva Group to spread the Light in East Africa! So the invitation was accepted with alacrity, and on 18th November, with Seva Bhav in our heads and hearts, Anurahda Nath and I flew to Dar E Salaam! Later, our Tanzanian member Ridhi Shah joined us.

Here an intense program awaited us.

Day 1 we gave Reiki treatments to people at a Fair at the International School of Tanzania. It was the first time for many who came to receive the treatment, but they all reported feeling ‘great’ after. Anuradha gave Reiki to a young boy of perhaps 9 years who was mildly autistic. The next day his mother happily reported that his symptoms were much improved!

Day 2 was Visiting Dar E Salaam’s markets and shopping and Rest Day

Day 3 We gave Reiki to a group of young girls that had undergone fistula problems. They all felt very relaxed and much better.

Day 4 saw us treating children suffering from cancer along with their mothers at the Muhimbili Centre. It was heart wrenching to see the children (some as young as 5 years) suffering from different cancers … stomach, neck, gum, nose, spine, throat ……… They of course took a lot of healing, and understandably, so did their mothers! My heart went out these parents who bravely bore this burden with a smiling face! They had no complaints, even when we asked them where they were hurting. Two videos (in Kiswahili) follow below of a parent who received Reiki and of Edith the lovely lady who manages the centre.

Day 5 We had the opportunity of giving Reiki treatments to polio victims who had survived polio but were disabled and to other disabled adults. These people were employed by Wonder Workshop. They were very talented individuals who poured their creativity into the beautiful metal sculptures they made at the centre.

They very willingly took the Reiki treatments, reporting feeling ‘very good’ after. And it showed quite clearly on their faces which had glowing smiles at the end.

I would like to mention one lady that I treated. I had finished giving Reiki to her head, chest, back, abdomen, arms, and was continuing with my hands on her leg, when she quietly took one of my hands and equally quietly placed it on her heart chakra, and even more quietly whispered, ‘iko na mgonjwa hapa’ (‘I am sick here). I was taken aback, and along with the Reiki, I felt a gush of Love pour from my Heart Chakra to her Heart Chakra which continued for nearly 10 minutes! I was so privileged to touch another human being this way!

Day 6 Booked Reiki treatments were given to people, some of whom registered for the training the next day

Day 7 and 8 we conducted a Reiki Level 1 Training camp

Fourteen eager souls came to learn Reiki. Although they all lived in Tanzania, they came from mixed backgrounds from different corners of the globe … Portuguese, Polish, Brazilian, American, Norwegian, English, Italian, Dutch, South African, Welsh, Chinese, American, Caribbean, German, Kenyan and Tanzanian!

They walked away with the gift of Reiki which they pledged to use to achieve balance in their lives as well as to heal themselves and others of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments.

LHSG extends it gratitude to Ayesha Samji for her generosity in inviting us, and for planning the schedule. We are also very grateful to Barbara Fischer, the manager of Mukti for executing the program to perfection, and looking after us in so many little ways. A big thank you also goes out to Grace and Ezra who took us to the different places for the Seva and to Abdallah our driver who drove us everywhere!

Thank you also to Ridhi Shah for joining us for the Reiki training.

And finally, my gratitude and a big hug to Anuradha Nath for accompanying me on this seva trip. Without her, we would not have achieved all that we did!

Kamla Tolia

LHSG Founder Member

Day 1 Reiki treatments at the Fair Images

Day 4 Muhimbili Cancer Centre




Day 5 Wonder Workshop Images

Day 7 & 8 Reiki Camp

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3 Responses to LHSG Kenya Breaks Ground In Tanzania

  1. Raj Walia says:

    I am really impressed how three beautiful souls have made a change in so many people’s lives.
    Bless the souls that receive and blessed are the givers.
    A golden opportunity that only comes to the choosen ones.
    Keep it up

  2. Shariffa says:

    Bravo LHSG
    Eight days of giving Reiki
    All the way in Muhimbili
    People of many a nation
    This is quite a notion
    An everlasting gift
    Bridging any rift
    A Bright candle lit
    To shine in the dark
    A new life to embark
    Go light the world
    Let Reiki be heard


  3. Nicole says:

    This is so wonderful. It must feel so good to know you were able to bring reiki to new audiences in Tanzania. Thank you.

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