Showing Our Love For The Elderly And The Aged

Lotus Healing Seva Group shared its Love and Light with the elderly residents of The Little Sisters Of The Poor, Numba Wa Mzee (Home for the Aged), in Kasarini, Nairobi. This event happened a week ago on 21st February.

This is the third time we were visiting them in as many years. Some of the residents remembered us and what we had done … laying our hands on them … and that they had felt better! So with that small ice breaking, we set out to do what we had come to do … give individual Reiki healing to each and every one of them … which included the residents, the workers and the management Nuns.

Needless to say, they simply loved the session. This was evident by the quick relaxation they experienced … some dozed off right away, 2 mins into the session! Many of them as I passed by,  would take my hand and place it on their chest or knee or other body part …. Their eyes requesting healing, this after they had already received a full healing session from one of us! That is a measure of how much they wanted our loving hands to give them loving care ….

Truly, the loving, healing power of Reiki never ceases to amaze!

Please read on for Monica’s Account of the Seva and do watch the pictures that follow ….

Kamal Tolia

Lotus Healing Seva Group

Founder Member



Not many are fortunate to give back to parents anything ref time, effort and fulfillment of needs in even half a measure of what they receive. The next best opportunity is to give to parent like people and 13 of us at LHSG got lucky on 21st Feb this year to go and spend some time with the elderly at The Home for Aged run by The Little Sisters of the Poor at Kasarani in Nairobi.

We gathered at our meeting point in the morning and carpooled to drive off slightly before 9am. The traffic wasn’t bad and we were there quite early. To our pleasure, most of the aged residents of the Home were already sitting in the common room waiting for us.  While Sr. Esther tried calling in rest of the elderly from their rooms, we moved our gifts of Rice, Maize meal, Adult Diapers, Drinking Water, Cakes, Beans, Medicines, Biscuits and a few other random items out from the cars.

Having handed over the gifts and having presented a Cheque of donation money to Sr. Teresita we commenced with our purpose of visit – Reiki. Some elderly remembered us from our visit last time and knew what to expect, while others simply accepted our healing hands in utmost trust.

The Home that houses 70 elderly alongside the workers and the Sisters were met by the LHSG sevaks Kamal, Mamta, Karima, Laveena, Priya, Bubbles, Pinky, Pooja, Lata, Grace, Sheela, Shalini and myself Monica. While most of the healees were in the common room some of them were quite sick and remained in the rooms where some of us went and gave healing to them.

It was a very humbling experience as very few people were lively and the rest were just quiet most of the time. I gave Reiki to a man who couldn’t hear and couldn’t tell me his name but was very grateful at being attended to and folded his hands to express his gratitude.  Other two men who told me there names as Tom and Grey ( I couldn’t understand their Kenyan names so they told me Christian names ) enjoyed the Reiki experience though they said they did not have any health issues. Then I attended to Grace, who was on a wheelchair. She was reluctant to talk to me at first but once the healing was done, she spoke in fluent English and said she liked it and felt very good.

Finally Lata and I gave Reiki to another gentleman on a wheelchair who had waited long for his turn to come. As soon as we finished, he wanted to go out of the room.  As we came out in the lawn before leaving from there we got Divine Blessings from the Sun that appeared very bright with a huge grey and rainbow halo around it.

Monica Gokaldas

Lotus Healing Seva Group

Founder Member



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2 Responses to Showing Our Love For The Elderly And The Aged

  1. Shariffa says:

    Our your is a gift from nature. It is borrowed. It passes. Therefore when we honour aging in us, and the ageing amongst us, it is a noble gesture.
    Bravo LHSG for reaching out to the Little Sisters of the Poor. Outside validation keeps us going and reaching out more and more.

  2. Shariffa says:

    Our youth is a gift from God. Our acceptance and honouring aging within us and amongst us is a noble gesture.
    Bravo LHSG for reaching out to the Little Sisters of the Poor.
    Their visible appreciation is a validation of the gift of reaching out with loving hands.

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