Sweet Letters Of Gratitude From TAGS Girls

In November 2016, Lotus Healing Seva Group treated 10 girls from the Talia Agler Girls Shelter for abused, abandoned, exploited and abused girls in Kenya.

They did healing in Nature, planted trees, learned about loving Mother Earth and the trees and the waters of The Earth … see

A Time Out For Girls From Talia Agler Girls Shelter

Here then are their letters of gratitude. Please read them … and join us in our joy in knowing that we have introduced these lovely girls to the art of loving and caring for our common home called the Earth!

We of the Lotus Healing Seva Group express our gratitude to the Universe for making us the agents of mind expansion for these little remembered marginalized girls in our society ….

Thank go to Monica for compiling their letters ….

Kamal Tolia

Lotua Healing Seva Group

Founder Member


Letter from Joy Elizabeth :

Thursday 17th Nov 2016

To Reiki People

I hereby thank the Reiki Group for your kindness in organizing for us a visit in the Karura Forest.

I really enjoyed getting out of shelter compound since it has been long ago since I made a visit outside

 It was such an awesome adventure for me. I enjoyed climbing trees and the warm breeze all over.

I also enjoyed the trip.

I enjoyed the delicious meals that we were offered with especially the soup that was really sweet.

We promise to teach the others more about Reiki and its benefits.

Joy Elizabeth


Letter from Bessy Kanana:

Thursday 17th Nov 2016

Hello! I hope you are fine! Reiki Thank you for all you have done to us and gave us. Thank you for food and things you gave us.

I am happy to be with you.

It was very fun to plant trees. I did not know how to plant trees. You have done many things for us, you teach us many things.

I am happy to see you. Thank you for the soup. My name is Bessy Kanana


Letter from Roseline Warimu

Thursday 17th Nov. 2016

Talia Agler Girls and Reiki People Planting Trees at Karura Forest

Hello Reiki people. I hope you are fine wherever you are. I thank my Almighty God for this wonderful and great moment, opportunity that he has given us as Talia Agler Girls through Reiki people to come and share, taught us more about Reiki healing which I didn’t know anything about. Since I learnt about Reiki Healing level one I have been able to do Reiki Healing on myself and also to my fellow sister here in Talia Agler. But what I have learnt today is that we can do Reiki Healing to other living organism like trees which you must ask forgiveness to our mother earth, massage the tree removing the polythene paper, pour some water in the hole, planting the tree, blessing and also giving name.

  • I also learnt about climbing the mountain you don’t have to fear.
  • Meeting new friends from Reiki was lovely to me.
  • Celebrating the climbing mountain for those who made it to the end and came back well was also very enjoyable.
  • It was wonderful being encouraged by Cooky about the importance of planting trees because of our future children and oxygen.
  • Sitting together at café with you and taking the pumpkin soup was awesome.
  • Celebrating Cooky birthday and singing happy birthday in Hindu language I like it.
  • Being given gift hamper by one of you was great and emotional to me.
  • Taking photo together as one family.

Thank you Reiki people for your love, care, kindness and for everything that you have done to Talia Agler Girls Shelter and for this opportunity of planting trees at Karura Forest.

Love you

From: Roseline Wairimu


Letter from Rita Adhiambo

Thursday 17th Nov 2016

Talia Agler Girls and Reiki People Planting Trees at Karura Forest

Am so happy to go at Karura Forest because I have never gone there and also I have learnt how to do Reiki on myself and to living organism like trees, and how to plant trees. The food was so tasty and awesome. Celebrating Cooky birthday and singing Happy Birthday song in Hindu language.

Thank you so much

From: Rita Adhiambo


Letter from Susan:

Thursday 17th Nov 2016

A Tour to Karura Forest

I was so grateful to learn about living things are very important and they need to be protected and humble with wonderful way.

The environment was also suitable to me and the fresh air was nice.

I was also happy to have delicious food that I had never eaten.

I also enjoyed being with new friends and mingling with them.


Letter from Princess Christine Najala:

17th November 2016

To Reiki People

Karura Forest

It has been a great day to me for visiting Karura Forest. This was the first time for me, and also being taught by aunt how we are supposed to plant trees.

  • Meeting new friends from Reiki
  • Learning about planting trees, you must follow a procedure of asking for forgiveness to our Mother Earth by saying, “Sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you”.
  • Celebrating and eating cake for those who went to climb mountain.
  • Planting the trees session and taking photos.
  • Taking the pumpkin soup and eating burger which is very tasty. I like it.
  • Celebrating Cooky birthday and taking photos together with you.
  • Reiki Healing has enabled me to be strong and I am also helping my sisters when they are feeling pain in their body.

Thank you Reiki for helping us with everything and showing your love and kindness to Talia Agler Girls. I Love you.

From your lovely: Princess Christine Najala


Letter from Quinter:

Thursday 17th Nov 2016

From Quinter to Reiki People

Hi to you all. I take this chance to thank you for all the good things you have done to us all. Truely you have made us to see that you really care about us. Actually that day will always be a part of good memories in our life that we have experienced.

Actually it has never come to my mind that one day I will visit and plant at Karura Forest. I really enjoyed planting and even we made friendship with you guys.  About the food in the restaurant the food was tasty and amazing. I will always be grateful to you all. I wish that one day we will come to know each other better. Without forgetting the gifts that you gave us, seriously. They were tremendous and I really loved them. Lastly I enjoyed celebrating the birthday of Cooky and I wish that she would live to blow 1001 candles.

Always remember that Talia Agler Girls will always be grateful to you always and I love you.


Letter from Jacinta:

Thursday 17th Nov 2016

Hi guys, thanks for everything that you guys did for us. I know may be this is just a beginning. I am so happy for your trip. By the way, I have never been in Karura Forest but in my heart it is even shining and also blessing the trees that I planted. Thank you to take us into restaurant. I know that the food we ate was very expensive. You guys managed to pay for us all.

At least even when I die I have two trees in Karura Forest. I would like to say May God bless you so much and continue with the same spirit.

Rao, thanks also because you changed my life and also Kamal , Thanks to organize for us a tour. I will never forget you guys. God Almighty adds your days in this world.

From: Jacinta JAZZ JAZZ


Letter from Hellen:

Thursday 17th Nov 2016

Hello Reiki People.

I would like to take this chance to say thank you for everything you people did for me. I know it is not easy to manage all that money but in God, you tried and you made us to be good. I Even loved the food which I have never eaten.

I am very happy because I planted trees in Karura Forest. It was a very beautiful place which I will never forget. One day, one time, I will come to see how my tree is doing. I was very happy because you took me into restaurant hotel. Also I would like to say thank you to teach me how to do Reiki. It has really helped my friends, my family and myself. I would like to say you live with the same spirit be with you all.

From: Hellen



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2 Responses to Sweet Letters Of Gratitude From TAGS Girls

  1. Monica Gokaldas says:

    It humbles me deep within
    Their gratitude visibly seen
    The gleefulness on faces sweet
    Innocence apparent, soup too
    was like a treat.
    Cheerful, charming, girls of TAGS
    Went home happy with gift bags
    Cosmetic and jewelry appreciated
    For once they didn’t feel neglected
    Oh! How much we fuss and take for granted
    And humbly our simple company…
    became enchanted.
    They laughed in joy and applauded
    The cake cutting was a big wish granted
    Sips of hot tea in the forest
    Cosy energy and feeling best
    The Oneness and a family feel
    Being like us and being like them
    Forgiveness asked and planted trees
    Loving nature and blessing birds and bees
    Hugging each other and the trees
    Sharing the table with their hosts
    Feeling equal, without any big boasts
    Blessings and loving thoughts …..
    Etched in memory fondly sought.

  2. Nicole says:

    These thank you letters are so moving and beautiful. Thank you for sharing them, and for all you did for these young women. It was so deeply appreciated by the young women and by myself, too.

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