Appreciation from The Asian Foundation

On 29th July 2017, Lotus Healing Seva Group (Kenya) was invited by the Asian Foundation to a tea for all exhibitors at their Stawisha Maisha (Transforming Lives) exhibition held in May this year.

Monica Gokaldas, Punita Acharya and Kamal Tolia represented LHSG Kenya at this event.

After thanks were exchanged between the exhibitors and The Chairman Dr Chandu Sheth and his team, a few points for improvement for a similar exhibition in the future, and summing up of the objectives achieved, certificates of participation were issued and tea was served.

We interacted once again with representatives of the other Charity foundations, and struck a positive rapport with The Giants Group Twiga, with whom we saw a possibility of partnering, in providing Reiki training in the schools they support.

The certificate is hard copy of the principles that Lotus Healing Seva Group stands for … Transforming Lives through Empowering with the healing energy of Reiki, for Physical, Mental and Emotional balance and healing which leads to individual peace followed by World Peace!

Kamal Tolia


Lotus Healing Seva Group



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