12th Anniversary Seva No. 9

Going further Eastwards …. In Perth Australa ….. LHSG members Rajender Walia and Leigh Anderson gave Reiki healing sessions to ladies of their knitting group and to another lady who had sores all over her body

Thank you Rajinder and Leigh for sharing your Love and Light!

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


On 23rd October Leigh Anderson and myself decided for one of the Sevas for our 12th Anniversary we shall offer Reiki to our knitting group.

Every Monday we go to a church hall and knit for the under privileged children and for children born of mothers in prison.

On that day we were about 9 ladies so I explained a little about Reiki . The ladies are aged from about 60 onwards the oldest being 89.

Then we both went around and explained what we were going to do, so six of the ladies were very willing.

Leigh and myself felt a real feeling of receiving and the ladies were very happy ….. all of them felt relaxed with one falling asleep on the chair.

When I asked for them to say something they were a bit hesitant with one lady called Edna who commented. She said she found the healing very soothing!

We have offered this seva again for anyone who wishes to receive it till the end of November.

Then on 25th October, Leigh Anderson and myself gave healing to a lady who has sores all over the body. The healing went on for 30 minutes leaving the lady sleeping for one hour.

When she woke up she said she could feel heat all over the body.

We have decided to give her the healing once a week till the end of November.

She did not want her name or pictures of her face shown.

Love ,light and laughter

Rajender Walia

LHSG Perth, Australia


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2 Responses to 12th Anniversary Seva No. 9

  1. Congratulation to Raj and Leigh on this beautiful seva.
    A seva that came from the heart
    touching nothing but another heart
    Healing goals on their seva chart
    they moved ahead with their love dart
    Raj and Leigh played their part
    spreading love being their special art

  2. Raj Walia says:

    Thank you my beautiful family for giving us the opportunity of Seva. Kamaljee thank you for starting the Lotus Healing Seva Group 12 years ago and the way it’s growing is the proof that all your hard work is rewarded. A great family to be working with. My humble gratitude.

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