12th Anniversary Seva No. 10

Still in the East …. Arpita Kundu LHSG Kolkata, India decided to share her Love and Light with the street children of Kolkata. She bought food / meals for these poor children and followed it with sending Reiki for a few days, to the intentions that they should never be hungry again! Here is her diary …..

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


14th Oct. Today I came across a street child named Firdous asking for some money, he was very hungry …. I bought him food and sent healing to his back heart chakra for little time, as on the road it is not possible to do it for long…… and his smiling face was my best award

19th October …. Gave food packets to street children …..sweets and two snacks …. My seva today ….

24th till 29th October, Did my last seva … fed 6 street children for 5 days … Raj, Rohit, Munni, Ravi, Rafik, Chotu …all were very happy, and so I am… When I used to see them on the road always, I feel I should do something for them … so our groups anniversary is the best occasion to serve them and thought of this seva … I feel very peaceful and content by feeding them …. If God gives me more opportunity, I will serve … Love and Light

Arpita Kundu

LHSG Kolkata, India

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2 Responses to 12th Anniversary Seva No. 10

  1. Congratulations Arpita on your selfless seva.

    Arpita has proven that seva is nothing but unconditional love manifesting itself without beating big drums about it. her silent selfless seva is done from the heart and I can be so sure that her Love more than the food would have made the kids happier. An inspiration to us.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you, Arpita for your kindness and generosity towards the children. I am sure your concern for their wellbeing was appreciated as was the food.

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