12th Anniversary Seva No. 11

LHSG UK members dis Seva of a different kind, but blended some Reiki in it. They decided to paticipate in feeding the homeless through the feeding programs of The Jalaram Temple in London. they did this on 2 days. Here are teh reports of members Bena LHSG UK and Bhanu LHSG UK. 

This is one post for which there are no photos … you will see why when you read below ….

Thank you for your support!

Love and Light,

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


Before we went on the 17 October I had send a message to the LHSG members to send Reiki to all the people and the volunteers that will be visiting the area on the day to collect food.

We had planned to send Reiki to the food that will be served .

Healing to all to go to them for physical emotional and mental state for one month starting  on 16 October.

The experience of serving the food was very moving as some people who came to receive the food were very humble , very shy and very appreciative that we were doing this for them. Some of them even blessed us for doing this.

This is my experience that is very hard to put into words , as people in this situation was the last thing you expect to happen in London .

What we saw is the tip of the iceberg. We pray this we get strength & motivation to do  more frequently and help out were we can.

Food was vegetables rice, pasta . Samosa’s ,pizza , Parle biscuits small packets tea.

It was an eye opener for me and very emotional experience.

The food was served to about 180.00 people ….. few women and mostly men .

The Sevaks that did this seva were: Bena, Lekha, Savita and Bhanu.




Bena Shah

LHSG UK in Charge

Our gratitude to Savita and Jalaram Temple members for highlighting the plight  of the homeless in Ldn and giving us oportunity to do this seva. We should be thankful for what we have n are much better of then these destitute people who are without shelter and are un employed. We will realise their difficulties once we put our selves in their shoes; the least we could do was to  satisfy the hunger in their bellies. They need more but we are not in that position to provide for everything. We continuously send healing that their plight improves and they do not loose hope.  

Bhanu Shah



On Fri. 27th October, Bena, Savita, Bhanu, Seema, Ramesh, Chirag and Savita’s friend Renu, went to distribute food to the homeless at Charing Cross in central London. We joined up with volunteers from Jalaram Mandir who carried the food in large bags from North West london.There were  all adults, male and female; people from London of English origin, Eastern European, Many Africans, and Indian(brown skin) plus from West Indies who are in this country for a long time and are in need of daily meals. We distributed, bananas, bread rolls, pkts of Crisps, tubs of rice pudding , and apples. There were about between 150 to 180  people. We served them from 7pm onwards for one hour. There were 2 other well wisher groups who were also distributing in the same location nr William 4th street. The organisers have to take prior permission for  setting up distribution points on the open streets. This activity was part of our Seva for 12th anniversary celebration. Thanks.

The people who are made homeless is due to different reasons; some are unemployed, some are thrown out by their spouses or partners, some cannot pay rent, and some may have shelter but no money to buy food or a hot cup of coffee. The wife throws out husband because he doesn’t earn enough.!!

These people did not wish to have their photograph taken, so we respected their wishes ….

Bhanu Shah


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2 Responses to 12th Anniversary Seva No. 11

  1. LHSG gives us the space, so we can feel the grace
    The grace of giving.
    Giving food is a symbol of offering hope, love, compassion and inclusion in this world.
    We all need love compassion and inclusiveness, so how do we do that?
    What you wish to experience, provide to another. A light went on! If I want to feel safe, I help others feel safe. If I am sad, I help someone through their sadness. If I don’t feel like I belong, I welcome others. If I want to be filled with love, I give love. Feeding is just that.
    May this Seva multiply all over the world, under the focussed leadership we have

  2. Congratulations to LHSG, UK for this beautiful seva.
    Words can express not much
    the situation of sad is such
    the homeless and the hungry souls
    satiated with food and warm love
    LHSG is creating different goals
    they need no pics and no peace dove
    They are the peace and joy on whole
    with healing oozing from their glove.

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