12th Anniversary Seva no. 14

Continuing with our mission of empowering the poor and needy with Reiki, LHSG Kenya conducted a Reiki level 2 camp for the girls and staff of Talia Agler Girls Shelter for abused, exploited, abandoned and trafficked girls. This happened on 15th November 2017.

The centre’s manager Marion had shared with us the positive changes that had occurred with her as well as the girls at the centre after doing Reiki 1 a few months ago. This has been shared in the recording below.

Without further ado, I request you to read what Sheela who conducted this camp and Nalina, Lata and Laveena who assisted her did on this day at the centre.

As always, please watch the slide show.

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member


On 15th November Nalina, Lata, Laveena and I were at the TAGS girls shelter to conduct Reiki level II. We arrived there by 9.35am and were happy to see Marion had kept the room ready and the girls were also ready, waiting for us. After doing registration, we started promptly.

There were 25 girls in total. 22 girls were from the group Nalina had taught Reiki I a couple of months ago and the other 3 were girls doing a refresher. The girls shared some of their experiences, like being able to heal themselves of their aches and pains and also to help their friends with their ailment with Reiki. With this positive feedback, I promised them Reiki II will empower them even more in their healing abilities.

After taking a bit of time in learning the symbols, the attunement was done. Once awake and alert, the girls expressed how refreshed and rested they felt. Also a couple of them shared how they saw colours and bright white light during the attunement.

When we started self- healing, it was wonderful to see they knew all the chakras well and the correct sequence of positioning their hands.

Then it was time for lunch. The girls enjoyed their veg biriyani lunch that was sponsored by our Lotus group.

Once again we started the second half of the session promptly. The girls were intrigued by all the various causes they could now send Reiki to. We also talked about the importance of healing the earth and how they can contribute to this cause. We suggested for them to allocate a certain day and time to do group healing for all their Reiki boxes.

The session ended well and we then took a few group pictures. We promised to be back very soon to conduct the next Reiki I session for the new comers.

My gratitude to Nalina, Lata and Laveena for their valuable support and assistance and gratitude to Kamalji for this humbling seva opportunity.

Sheela Shah

LHSG Member


Audio: Marion, Mananger Talia Agler Girls Shelter

Slide show

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  1. Nicole says:

    I hope I can join you at TAGS one day. I always enjoy your updates and news of the girls. Thank you for all you do, LHSG.

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