12th Anniversary Seva No. 15

Asking for forgiveness from Mother Earth, blessing her with Reiki, going down on our knees, working with our bare hands, collecting the soil around the sapling, patting the soil down with love and Reiki, and watering it lovingly with our hands ……. And then blessing the newly planted tree with Reiki …… getting up, moving a bit away and repeating the whole process for another little tree …….. for 155 trees ……

Lotus Healing Seva Group Kenya spent the morning of 16th November 2017 engaging in this holy task of planting trees in the Karura Forest in Nairobi. It gave us immense pleasure and satisfaction to introduce these delicate little trees called Makhamia Lutea and Croton Megalocarpus in their ‘new’ homes in the lap of Mother Earth.

After all 155 trees were planted, we gave them a final blessing with Reiki before leaving the forest. But not without taking away with us a deep knowing that we have contributed in giving back to our planet and for future generations. 

The reward for this activity was a huge ‘soul high’ which stayed with us well into the next few days! And a feeling of awe and gratitude for being given this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of all who live and breathe on mother Earth!

After the tree planting, we had a light lunch at a café. 

The sevaks that did this seva were, Neena, Bubbles, Mamta, Priya, Munira, Reeta, Shalini, Shariffa, Lata, Sheela, Punita, Laveena, Nalina, Veena, Dhwani, Sharanya and myself Kamal.

Please read on for what a few members have to say and please watch the videos and slide show which says it all ……

Thank you

Kamal Tolia

LHSG Founder Member.


We saw the leaves as we planted the trees.

Rita and I were awed by the roots.

So many roots were set free.

To spread out and search deep.

Into the Mother Earth for nutrients.

Then give back so unconditionally

Oxygen and shade home to so many

Little creature we seldom see.

What a miracle is a tree.

We have planted for our tomorrow.

Shariffa Keshavji

LHSG Member


It was a very unique  experience.  I felt a lot of peace and calmness… fresh, free and light. …… Felt a different level of connection with life.. ….. Very distant and different from the worldly one…….  Felt I was able to say sorry to mother  earth in my own small way… God Bless my partner Priya who was constantly aware and concerned about my back issue and let me rest every now and then……  so thankful to Kamalji and the whole group for this golden opportunity

Munira Kassam

LHSG Member


It was a beautiful experience and as always felt wonderfully connected to Mother Earth. Felt a sense of bliss with the sunlight pouring in, the freshness of the forest after the rains and the wonderful scent of the leaves. Truly at such times we connect to nature and appreciate her  in so many ways. Feels good to give back whatever little we can. Gratitude for such a wonderful Seva coming our way.

Priya Sud Chaudhry

LHSG Member





slide show

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2 Responses to 12th Anniversary Seva No. 15

  1. The earth was ready it’s rich red soil
    To receive roots that gently uncoil
    How blessed to commune Silently
    Pray to Mother Earth lower gently
    For her to soucour this seedling
    Make it grow a sentient being
    Verdant arms waving in the air
    Soon will be a tall tree so fair

    Thank you LGSG another magical day in the forest. Giving and receiving.

  2. Nicole says:

    One hundred and fifty five trees … wow. Thank you, LHSG.

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