12th Anniversary Seva No. 21 !!

This was a surprise seva done on the Maldives Islands! LHSG UK member Lekha Quilter and her husband Peter Quilter were holidaying on these islands ….. see what happened on 6th December 2017 ……. Over to Lekha …….

Kamal Tolia

Founder Member, LHSG

On the island where we are staying we were given the opportunity to plant a tree. We did this on behalf of the whole LHSG and all our families. I gave it healing and chanted the Gayatri mantra. We were v humbled to have been given this opportunity …. the whole area had young trees so gave them all healing ….

The hotel plantation manager approached us and asked if we wanted to plant a tree …….. What a privilege!

Lekha Quilter

Member, LHSG UK



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  1. Miracles we know happen all the time. Planting a tree Seva is surely one such miracle. In this season of giving what more can LHSG ask but for a gift for tomorrow. A tree in the Maldives! A ripple effect that has traveled far. Thank you Lekha and Peter. We are honoured by this action. This tree connects us all.

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