12th Anniversary Seva No. 20

The LHSG UK went to the Rickmansworth Aquadrome , which is a beautiful piece of woodland with three lakes, for our 12 th anniversary sewa.

There were six of us; Our leader Bena Shah, Bhanuben,  Surbhi, Savita, Jashu and Mala.

We started off with a silent meditational walk around the bigger lake; observing , absorbing and releasing positivity.

We stopped briefly at four paths to the lake and fed the ducks, swan and other birds, the food that we had previously given reiki to.

We also said our ‘Aums’ and blessed the water in the lakes and poured the previously healed water in our individual water bottles and added it to the waters of the world through the lakes.

As we said I AM  to the waters, we each received ‘I AM ‘! In return!

It was a deeply rewarding experience with utter peace, inner calmness and being one with nature ; below are quotes from the attendees.

Mala Tolia

Member LHSG UK


“With God’s grace we had a beautiful day.  This was my first experience to go out to a park with the group.  I felt uplifted and walked with wings and the nature’s blessings were phenomenal”

Jashu Shah

Member LHSG UK


“I felt very energetic and warm although it was cold. And we did our monthly meditation and healing. I felt Happy and blessed”

Savita Karekar

Member LHSG UK


“It was a good opportunity to be able to venture out on a chilled autumn Sunday morning. I felt very joyful to have been able to heal the waters, the trees and birds at Aquadrome. Inspite of cold chilly winds the sun still shone and inspired us to sit on benches to meditate and send healing to all the requests. We braved on and enjoyed feeding the swans and ducks. It was fun to walk with so many dogs who enjoyed running in and out of the lake. We were able to complete the whole order of healing together with my intentions for (1) closing down the factories which manufacture fire arms and (2) all Refugees who have been forced out of their own countries to be allowed to return to their countries of origin.

The best part was being able to have the whole table for ourselves and do the picnic. Tasty crumpets, Pattra bhajias, sandwiches and hot hot coffee topped up the day’s Seva. Felt very satisfied to be with like – minded people and carrying out selfless Seva. Thanks for the opportunity.

Bhanu Shah




“It was just a beautiful day, the silent meditation was really beautiful .

All the healers there had really positive, bubbly, happy energy which they spread all around them.

I felt really happy and blessed.

While we were blessing the water it felt like for few minutes the atmosphere and the world was standing still and quiet. Then when we said the Aum the birds started to flutter and fly around the waters.

Then to be blessed by the angelic rays when we sat down for refreshmenst was the ultimate blessing.

Thank you

Bena Shah

In Charge


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  1. I can see that even in the chilly cold of Rickmansworth Seva is fun. It has brought you all such joy. Joy of experiencing Reiki in nature. Thank you we were vicariously with you from a much warmer Nairobi. We have spread far and wide thanks to you. Rickmansworth to Maldives! Bravo LHSG

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